'The Originals' Claire Holt Hints At Return As Rebecca, Gives Us All Hope For Season 3

Rejoice, Rebekah fans! Claire Holt has recently dropped some juicy hints that she could be returning to New Orleans — at least in some capacity. It's been a bit of a roller-coaster after The Originals Season 1 saw Holt leave her starring role, breaking hearts of Rebekah Mikaelson fans everywhere. Maisie Richardson-Sellers stepped in as Rebekah during Season 2 and while she has been excellent playing the dual role of Rebekah and Eva St. Clair, it just isn't the same without Holt. News has been pretty quiet lately about Holt coming back on the show, and hope seemed lost when Claire Holt began shooting Aquarius with David Duchovny. But finally, we have some good news for everyone who has been holding their breath anxiously awaiting her return. In an interview with E! News, Claire Holt hinted at her return to The Originals:

They've been really great with Aquarius, in sharing, so I hope I can continue to do both in some capacity ... Definitely, when I can, I am going to venture back to that world.

That sound you just heard was the cheer of Originals fans everywhere, already planning her return and identifying possible story-lines where we'd get to keep both Richardson-Sellers and Holt on the show. Can you image the two of them teaming up? Bananas. If The Vampire Diaries can have a bunch of doppelgangers and shadow-selves running around, I don't think two Rebekahs is that much to ask for. From the look of things, Richardson-Sellers and Holt already get along wonderfully. When asked about how her replacement was doing Holt had nothing but good things to say:

She's doing a great job. Maybe a little too good. I was hoping she wouldn't be so good.

Not that she has to worry about being replaced, I'm (obviously) eager for her to come back and to possibly team up with the other strong women on the show. If one of those can be Rebekah 2.0, or Eva St. Clair or whoever else they get Richardson-Sellers to play, all the better for us. The two Rebekahs seem pretty friendly in real life as well. Holt recently posted this adorable picture of them hanging out to Instagram.

On that hopeful note I'll be over here, holding my breath and crossing all of my fingers and toes. More Rebekah is always a good thing and I am excited to see what kind of shake-ups Holt's return would bring.

Images: Guy D'Alema/The CW; clairholt/Instagram