Jessie J Dyes Her Hair Blue For A Hot Second, And I Wish She Would've Kept It Longer

Looks like Hilary Duff and Kylie Jenner aren't the only blue hair lovers. Just a couple of days ago, Jessie J dyed her hair blue and posted her bright and bold transformation on Instagram. Honestly, it looked incredible. Like mind-blowing incredible. No, I'm not exaggerating, I'm just really impressed that someone managed to dye their hair blue and still look that fabulous. By now, I'm used to all of our fave celebs going platinum blonde, lavender, or even taking on the granny silver hair hue, but wow, Jessie J, you have utterly altered the way I look at bright blue! I just wish that she would've kept the blue hairstyle longer. Sigh.

The British singer/songwriter has gone through multiple hairstyles over the past couple of years. Going from a shaved head to a pixie cut and now a short, blunt bob, Jessie has been pretty much been able to accomplish any hairstyle she chooses. Even within the last couple of weeks, we've seen Jessie J go from pink locks to platinum blonde to blue and now, black. After seeing how amazing her hair looked blue, I secretly hoped the color would've stayed with her for a while. But sadly, like the pink and platinum 'do, Jessie decided to change her hairstyle back to black. But hey, she still looks great. No doubt about that.

At least we can reminisce about how great it looked through Instagram photos. Who knows, maybe Jessie will change her mind and "Ice" will make a second appearance: