13 Jumpsuits From The Billboard Music Awards That Will Remind You Why One-Piece Ensembles Are The Way To Go

Jumpsuits combine style and comfort, two things that are hardly ever paired together in fashion. And for one reason or another, jumpsuits at the Billboard Music Awards always make tons of appearances. Perhaps because the one-piece suit requires no extra layering and comes in so many styles and designs, from silk to cotton jersey. As evidenced by the BBMAs, celebrities, too, appreciate the ease and simplicity of this magical little number.

At some of the past Billboard Music Awards, there are have been multiple jumpsuit sightings both on the stage and the red carpet for the event. Because the awards aren’t as exclusive and formal as some of their counterparts, like The Grammys or The Academy Awards, attendees have much more freedom sans a strict dress code.So in order to commemorate the celebrities who have walked the Billboard Awards red carpet in jumpsuits in the past, and to get excited and/or brace ourselves for any jumpsuits that may walk the same red carpet on Sunday, May 17th, here are 13 of the best and most outrageous jumpsuits from the events of yesteryear. Some are tame, some are wild, and some just prove how, well, original a jumpsuit can be.

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Beyoncé: 2003

Before Beyoncé was Queen Bey, she was curating her style for world domination. Even back in 2003, she was ahead of the style curve donning a sleek, black jumpsuit while performing with Destiny’s Child on the Billboard stage. In 2003, when satin and velvet were considered cool, this was no easy feat.

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Tara Reid: 2004

2004 was a rough time for everyone, and the jumpsuit Tara Reid wore to the 2004 awards made it even more conflicting. Coral satin, a low-cut bust, and an embellished button are not things you would normally want together in a red carpet outfit, but they do seem to make a statement, no?

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Shakira: 2005

Her hips don’t lie, and neither do her jumpsuits. Shakira’s ensemble was particularly notable because of the cargo shorts on bottom and Brigitte Bardot-inspired top. Again, no one wants to reminisce on their wardrobe from the early 2000s, but Shakira’s so adorable that perhaps we should reevaluate.

Ethan Miller/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Rihanna: 2011

The Billboard Music Awards returned in 2011 after taking a hiatus in 2007. And, of course, Rihanna was there to bring jumpsuits back to the awards show with a much needed fashion update. Her white suit ensemble was modern and sleek, perfect for the soon to be CFDA fashion icon just a few years later.

Ethan Miller/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Nicki Minaj: 2011

Even without the bright pink wig, this look would have called for everyone’s attention. The nearly skin-tight jumpsuit with silver embellishments and cutout details definitely flaunted Minaj’s delectably curvaceous figure and started a trend for the rest of the night.

Isaac Brekken/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Nicki Minaj, Again: 2011

That same evening, Minaj appeared on stage in this black satin jumpsuit. Clad in ruffles and covered in a blazer, this look wasn’t exactly what we expect from Nicki, but it was a nice deviation from her usually kitsch outfits.

Ethan Miller/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Miley Cyrus: 2012

Leave it to Miley Cyrus to attend the Billboard Music Awards in one of the most overt, flashy, embellished jumpsuits ever created. This Balmain ensemble definitely left a lasting impression on the red carpet, and set the bar high for any jumpsuits to come.


Stana Katic: 2012

Apparently, 2012 was the year of the white jumpsuit. After Miley and Alyssa came Stana Katic, aka Detective Beckett from Castle. Her jumpsuit was definitely suit and menswear inspired with a pinstripe pattern, wide pant legs, and a defined waist. I commend her for taking the one-piece literally, because this jumpsuit, along with her big hair, was awesome.


Alyssa Milano: 2012

I guess if you’re going to wear a jumpsuit, you might as well take the idea and run with it, right? That’s what I’m assuming Alyssa Milano decided with this outfit. The one-shouldered, wide, sheer leg, defined waist, embellished, and embroidered jumpsuit seriously has a little bit of everything.


Nayer: 2013

I admittedly had to Google “Nayer” to realize that this lady is actually the featured artist on Ne-Yo and Pitbull’s song, “Give Me Everything.” What I didn’t need to Google was her style, because she obviously has eclectic taste. This jumpsuit has got to be one of the most original that the Billboard red carpet has ever seen, and not just because of the dog.

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Madonna: 2013

While I’m not exactly sure if you can qualify this as a jumpsuit, it definitely looks like Madonna is wearing a bodysuit, which is essentially the cousin to the jumpsuit. Either way, we all know the last thing Madonna is is shy, and it’s obvious that her confidence shines through everything she wears.


Jennifer Lopez: 2014

Another bodysuit/jumpsuit derivation, Jennifer Lopez knows how to knock the ball out of the park. This red silk and chiffon number is definitely one of the tamer out of the bunch, but it still calls for attention.


Kendall Jenner: 2014

We’ve seen Kendall Jenner in jumpsuits before, and the girl knows how to get them right. Even though her invitation to the Billboard Music Awards last year was questionable, her ensemble was not. A classic black and white combination with a twist on the traditional jumpsuit suited her well. Get it?