13 Jumpsuits From The Billboard Music Awards That Will Remind You Why One-Piece Ensembles Are The Way To Go

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Jumpsuits combine style and comfort, two things that are hardly ever paired together in fashion. And for one reason or another, jumpsuits at the Billboard Music Awards always make tons of appearances. Perhaps because the one-piece suit requires no extra layering and comes in so many styles and designs, from silk to cotton jersey. As evidenced by the BBMAs, celebrities, too, appreciate the ease and simplicity of this magical little number.

At some of the past Billboard Music Awards, there are have been multiple jumpsuit sightings both on the stage and the red carpet for the event. Because the awards aren’t as exclusive and formal as some of their counterparts, like The Grammys or The Academy Awards, attendees have much more freedom sans a strict dress code.So in order to commemorate the celebrities who have walked the Billboard Awards red carpet in jumpsuits in the past, and to get excited and/or brace ourselves for any jumpsuits that may walk the same red carpet on Sunday, May 17th, here are 13 of the best and most outrageous jumpsuits from the events of yesteryear. Some are tame, some are wild, and some just prove how, well, original a jumpsuit can be.

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