When Does 'Chicago Fire' Season 4 Premiere & More Importantly, Will It Bring A Lady Gaga Guest Appearance?

Fox's American Idol may be coming to an end, but NBC's The Voice is still quite a force. I know this because not only am I addicted to the Peacock's vocal competition show, but The Voice has also somehow gotten me into the two shows that follow it: Chicago Fire and The Night Shift. Seriously, it's enough for me to be looking forward to Chicago Fire Season 4 and really wanting star Taylor Kinney's fiancée Lady Gaga to make a guest appearance soon. NBC hasn't set date an exact for the show's fourth season premiere yet, but we do know Chicago Fire will return in November after the Neil Patrick Harris variety series Best Time Ever finishes its limited run. And I can tell you if there's a time for the show to book the future Mrs. Kinney (aka Stefani Germanotta), it's now. [UPDATE: Deadline reports that Chicago Fire will return Oct. 13.]

Lady Gaga — known for her meat dresses and numerous Tony Bennett duets — is crossing over into TV in the fall and will headline FX's American Horror Story: Hotel . While that's super exciting on it's own, I'm just thrilled that Gaga is willing to give TV a try. It has to mean she'd totally consider a cameo or even a spotlight-stealing guest role on Chicago Fire, right? I really want this to happen, because I think it could be the greatest episode of TV in the 2015-2016 season. Gaga isn't new to acting either — she's appeared in the 2013 film Machete Kills and 2014's Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, as well as several kickass music videos over the years.

So who should Gaga play on Chicago Fire if Season 4 grants me this wish? Here are some ideas for a potential guest starring role for the singer, based on her previous music videos and other roles.

A Sandwich Artist Who Has A Kitchen Mishap

Personally, my favorite Gaga video is "Telephone," during which she has an interlude where she stops and makes a (poisoned) sandwich — with backup dancers doing the "sandwich dance." Clearly, she's got an affinity for the meal, so what if she showed up on Chicago Fire as the chef of a sandwich shop and something goes awry in the kitchen? She can do the "sandwich dance" while she waits for the firefighters to arrive.

A New, Inexperienced Firefighter Candidate With Lots Of Spirit

Gaga sharing the screen with Kinney would just light up TVs everywhere, so perhaps she could make an appearance as a new firefighter with a lot of spunk, but not too much skill. She could experience her first fire and have a heart-to-heart with Kinney's Lt. Kelly Severide.

A Serial Arsonist Who Leaves Puzzling Clues

Gaga loves extreme roles in her videos, so the pop singer could pop up on Chicago Fire as a crazed arsonist hellbent on revenge and burning up the city.

A Sassy & Determined Woman Who's Trapped In A Building Fire

Fierce flames could trap Lady Gaga's character in a building in a very complex and complicated situation. But have no fear, the heroes of Engine 51 could help guide her through and rescue her.

A Glamorous Celeb Who Needs Clandestine Care

Taking a page from Law & Order: SVU, Gaga could portray a meta version of herself in which she plays a celebrity who gets stuck in a compromising position and needs rescuing/treatment — but it has to be a secret. The firefighters and paramedics must work to unravel the situation while also keeping the press and paparazzi at bay.


Or she could just appear as her fabulous self. But that might get confusing for Chicago Fire Gaga, when she realizes that Kelly looks just like her husband-to-be.

Images: Elizabeth Morris/NBC; Giphy (6)