Guy Pretends To Be Whole Foods Employee To Prank Shoppers, And Blesses The World With His Ridiculous Hipster Nonsense — VIDEO

Normally I'm against pranks, but every so often one gets pulled off without being harmful or making a spectacular or nuisance out of anyone. Like this great prank from Elite Daily, where a guy pretends to be a Whole Foods employee. It serves to highlight the fact that people will generally believe, or at least be very polite and pretend they believe, anything that comes out of the mouth of a small hipster in apron and thick-rimmed glasses in a Whole Foods, because of course Whole Foods workers MUST be right, or at least not people you should offend by questioning.

Elite sent Tyler Fischer into a New York Whole Foods to determine exactly how gullible shoppers could be when it came to hearing facts about "fair trade" and "organic" food. The short answer: very. The video disclaimer has the following disclaimer:

"Everyone has his or her unique idea of the typical Whole Foods customer (it likely involves a fleece vest), but I’m assuming most of these mental images can be described as “the opposite of your typical Walmart patron.

Based on the stereotypes I subscribe to, there isn’t a lot of crossover between the customer bases of these stores — although they do seem to share one particular passion: smelling their own farts.

The people of Walmart tend to take that saying far more literally than the shoppers at Whole Foods because there’s no one on this planet who enjoys the nasal repercussions stemming from a diet of leafy greens and chia seeds.

What the people in the latter category do tend to enjoy, however, is buying #organic, #freetrade and #sustainable foods that they can brag about buying to other people."


Watch the whole thing below, and you're guaranteed to have a giggle over some of the absurd things that are said to (and willingly absorbed by) Whole Foods customers:

Elite Daily on YouTube

Meanwhile, my favorite part of this is when the prankster says "Whole Foods, more like whole paycheck, am I right?" Because as we all know "nipping in" to Whole Foods for "just one thing" can often turn into buying four things for $60.

Not being able to afford all those non-GMO, organic, fair trade over priced things you could just get at Trader Joe's or Associated for half the price, exactly the same thing, just without the smugness, makes you want to do this (because even though you know, rationally, you can get the same thing elsewhere for less, you really, REALLY, want this one):

Most importantly, however, at the end of the day, we all know that flaxseed oatmeal that costs $15.99 for a scoop is actually disgusting, and the health benefits just really aren't worth it.

Bring it on.

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