The 15 Types Of Car Singer You Can Be

Road trip season is quickly approaching, my little chickadees. As such, plans should already be in action regarding where you want to go and with whom. Planning a road trip is tricky business. One question that isn't immediately obvious but remains very important: What kind of car radio singer is your companion? In this vital video guide, a man guy mimics the 15 types of car radio singers in existence so you can better develop a clear understanding.

Car radio singer types are like zodiac signs, to be real. Just as some signs exist more harmoniously together, the same is true for various car radio singer types (and perhaps more literally). You don't have to find a fellow Faker to ride shotty and switch driving duties to make for a top-notch road trip. You could find a complimentary type—perhaps an Eye-Closer? Although, of course, those types you wanna keep in the navigation role instead of letting them DRIVE WITH THEIR EYES CLOSED. Though the actual matchmaking between the diverse types of car radio singers is the kind of evaluation is all you, bb. It should be done by the individual orchestrating said road trip since preferences vary so wildly. (Also, I don't want the blame if I wagered incorrectly on a specific pairing and now y'all are riding silent slash angry through a New Mexico desert or whatever.) Here are some types to start your own education of car radio singers:

The Premature Chorus Singer

Mostly meek, but over time, gets a little confidence boost and really lets loose. Endearing early on, gonna wanna nap through to tolerate around the seventh hour.

The Harmonizer


The Harmo-NOT-zer

Less helpful! (But more hilarious, true. Enthusiasm is all that matters, anyway.)

The Daydreamer

OK, so I've dated several iterations of this person. I'm not embarrassed.

Scope out the other 11 types and start smartly mapping your legendary road trips right away (and bring me, too, if you got a carload of foxy Daydreamers):

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