This Amazing Son Made His Mom A Dating Ad To Help Find Her Soulmate And We Seriously Hope It Works — VIDEO

If you thought you did an especially bang-up job this weekend with Mother's Day, think again. I mean, I know I was impressed with the wildflower map of America I got my mom, but this dude raised the bar for all of us, at least when it comes to single moms. This YouTuber made a dating ad for his mom and the video is so profoundly convincing that hell, I wanna help her find love now, too. Spread this like wildfire, internet. Make it happen.

Son Alex Norgay thoughtfully crafted a video highlighting his mother, Eva's, seemingly endless list of interesting hobbies and positive attributes. Eva, a Czech-born woman now living in Norway, actually looks like a super fun hang. She clearly has a good sense of humor to sign off on Alex posting the video in the first place. Eva's son took about a year to compile all the quite beautiful footage in the short film ad he calls "Looking for Adam." This is especially endearing considering the rest of Alex's channel is pretty stark, making this effort seem a lot more deliberate and selfless. Just as a good son should!

Some of Eva's preferred activities and interests include:



Guys. We need to all just move to Norway like, yesterday. These fjords!



Beginning to wonder now if Eva is also accepting solicitations for plain new, platonic friends. So far, she looks like an ideal chilling companion.

Hanging with her BFF also named Eva


Do I need to change my name to Eva to start this new life hanging hard in Norway? Do I? Because I'm not opposed to that.

Spending time with her too-cute family


That's so Eva.

Also, can we talk about how absolutely perfect this dress is? If I can find something similar, consider this my official declaration to wear nothing else until October. I mean:


Scope the entire work of art dating ad campaign below and YOU try not to also fall in friend (or real) love with Eva...just a little, even:

alexlyngaas on YouTube

You know, I thought at first making the video itself was the most selfless gesture Alex could offer but in reality, the greatest gift comes after the editing ended. He is personally fielding dating requests for his mom, which, if anyone has ever tipped a toe in the online dating pool, they know the tremendous generosity of such a favor. If you or some other man you know is interested in taking Eva out for the most twee bike ride ever, send your inquiry to: Good luck, guys!

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