Lily Allen's Acne Photo Shows No Star is Flawless

From her unique clothing choices to her strong opinions, Lily Allen has shown her true colors more than once. But this time Allen Instagrammed her acne breakout, taking things a step further and showing that even fresh-faced celebs face the same struggles that us normal people do. There's no filter needed for this pop star!

In between food photos and snapshots of her shoes, Allen posted the image of a smattering of pimples along her chin with a caption lamenting the irritation that comes with still getting breakouts at the age of 30. Her followers reacted positively, with many sharing how they deal with blemishes themselves. Although there were a few negative comments, the supportive words of fans outweighed them.

Connecting on social media is great, but when complete strangers can start supporting each other, that's when the true magic happens (even if one of those strangers happens to be a mega famous pop star). The push to stop photoshopping is not new, and more stars than ever are using platforms like Instagram to demonstrate that they did not exactly "wake up like that" when they're all made up and blemish-free.

From Chrissy Teigen showing her stretch marks on Instagram to Lorde's early morning selfie, more and more celebs are using their social influence to empower more women to embrace their so-called flaws.

It can be hard to post a completely natural photo, but hats (and filters) off to all the celebrities who are taking a stand and showing that they're just like us.