Tiana From 'Empire' Is In "Bad Blood" Now, Too

From Lena Dunham to Kendrick Lamar, Taylor Swift's music video "Bad Blood" has more guest stars than your average episode of Empire. The music video is set to premiere on Sunday, May 17th surrounding the 2015 Billboard Music Awards. Though the world premiere of the video is only five days away, it looks like T. Swift still has a few surprises up her sleeve. Our favorite pop-country crooner just revealed a new character to us via Twitter. Serayah McNeil will be playing "Dilemma". Empire 's Serayah McNeill will be in Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" music video playing a character named "Dilemma," but fans will recognize the curly-headed beauty as Tiana — the pop-star ex-girlfriend of youngest Lyon brother, Hakeem.

Taylor Swift is a well-known feminist who must have seen a kindred spirit in McNeill's Tiana. Though her role on Empire is McNeill's first as a professional actress, Tiana is an extremely strong female character that fits in seamlessly with Taraji P. Henson's portrayal of Cookie Lyon. From owning her sexuality to taking control of the direction of her career, Tiana is a force to be reckoned with. (She certainly pulled the rug out from under Hakeem's feet.) Like the rest of us, T. Swift must have vibed with McNeill's energy. Her character Dilemma in the "Bad Blood" video will hopefully showcase all of her many talents.

Since McNeill is crossing over into pop-country, there is still hope that we may see Swift on Empire. Until then, here are seven things McNeill could be bringing to the "Bad Blood" music video.

1. Her No-Nonsense Attitude

Dilemma looks like she doesn't play games, and we already know that Tiana can't be bothered.

2. Her Meticulous Dance Moves

McNeill said that she drew inspiration from dancing legends like Michael Jackson and Aaliyah. Her presence in "Bad Blood" could bring some serious hip-hop rhythm to T. Swift's more whimsical dancing.

3. Epic Hair

One of the things I loved most about Tiana on Empire was that she rocked her natural locks. I'm a fluffy-headed gal myself, and the fact that McNeill is rocking her 'fro in "Bad Blood" means that she'll stand out even more.

4. Sex Appeal

The second time we meet Tiana on Empire, she comes on to Hakeem. Tiana refuses to hide her sexuality or her desires. Swift is not a sexually charged artist, but she is a grown woman, and McNeill's presence in her video could mean a showcase of both femininity and sexuality.

5. Fierce Fashion

Though she's not yet on Cookie's level, Tiana knew how to rock a fabulous coat and some shimmery sparkles. From the looks of it, Dilemma knows a thing or two about silk and lace.

6. Musical Talent

Though we all know what "Bad Blood" sounds like, that doesn't mean that T. Swift won't shake things up for the video. McNeill has already shown off her vocal skills as Tiana. Perhaps she will have the opportunity to do so as Dilemma.

7. Empire Fan Base

Upon learning that Swift was a fan of his music, Kendrick Lamar praised her and said that music shouldn't be categorized to one particular type of listener. The same goes for other genres of entertainment. Though Empire features an African-American cast leading a hip-hop drama, people from all backgrounds can relate to its themes. Hopefully, McNeill's presence in "Bad Blood" will bring Empire fans to Swift's music and vice versa.

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