7 Easy Hanukkah Food Recipes to Impress Your Jewish Mother

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Hanukkah is the Festival of Lights (it’s also The Feast of Dedication, if we’re getting technical). The story revolves around a miracle: when the Macabee brothers led a revolt against the Greeks (in one of the many early instances of Jews resisting assimilation) and set out to re-consecrate the Second Holy Temple in Jerusalem, there was only enough oil in the Temple to burn for one night. The oil stayed lit for eight days and nights. Thus, to celebrate the role that oil played in the miracle, traditional Hanukkah food (like everyone’s favorite, latkes) is fried — something I suspect even gentiles will appreciate. And since Thanksgiving overlaps with Hanukkah this year, the creative eating opportunities are endless.

Are you wondering how to approach this hybrid holiday? Desperate to branch out from traditional latkes? Trying to impress a Jewish mother or father? Looking to actually contribute to your family's Hanukkah feast for once? Eager to replace that less-than-delicious dish your grandmother insists on making every year? Having your first Hanukkah on your own? If any of these things are true, we're here for you. We've scoured the internet for simple, delicious, Thanksgivukkah recipes to spice up your table and score you points with even the most overzealous of Jewish mothers.

Image: My Name is Yeh

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