11 Hair Trends Every '90s Teen Will Remember

by Sarah Martindale

As far as the sartorial world goes, I don't think anyone could deny that the fashion and hair of the '90s were pretty wild times: It was the decade of the skirt-trouser, the crop top, ridiculously high flatform shoes, and more. Many of these are making a comeback but, thankfully, most '90s hair trends remain firmly where they belong... in the '90s.

For me, the biggest issue with many of these trends, particularly those concerning accessories, was that we just did not know when to stop. I vividly recall going to school with at least a dozen (maybe two dozen) accessories in my hair, and feeling FIERCE.

Being born in 1987, I took my first steps as a teenager in the late '90s and have very fond memories of some of the ridiculous trends in which I indulged (and my mother has plenty of potentially embarrassing photographs to back them up). I may be in the minority here but, if I'm honest, I am not excited to see the return of '90s fashion. I can't stand overalls or skorts or huge scrunchies (more on those later), but they do all have an air of nostalgia about them that I can't quite resist. And for all my complaints and protests, the garments of my teendom are back and they seem to be sticking around.

Thus, let's take a moment to reminisce about the glorious accessories and styles we have loved and lost:

1. Hair Spirals (As Many As Possible)

I loved wearing hair spirals. Even when they scratched my scalp and got stuck in my hair and the gems fell off. I didn't care about any of that because DIAMONDS IN MY HAIR.

2. Hair Springs (Preferably In Combination With Spirals)

I think my record for most springs worn at the same time was somewhere around 35. I never said they looked good.

3. Hair Mascara For Special Occasions

I was only allowed to wear hair mascara for parties and it was always a mess. It would clump in my hair and make it stringy and hard and I loved it.

4. Glitter Spray

Oh, glitter spray. You needed so much of it that your hair would be super crunchy by the end and basically just look riddled with dandruff.

5. Giant Scrunchies

I never looked as cute as this pup wearing a giant scrunchie, nevertheless they have made a comeback in recent years (much to my chagrin).

6. A Velvet Headband With Your Name On It

This was an everyday essential item so that everyone knew who you were. All I remember about mine is how much it hurt behind my ears after a couple of hours!

7. Crimping For Days

If you were lucky, you owned crimping irons (or a "crimper," as I called them); if you were less fortunate, you begged your mother/older sister/grandma to braid your hair into dozens of tiny braids before bed, then took them all out when you woke up in the morning. You got no sleep but it was worth it.

8. Cotton Wrapped Hair Braid

No self-respecting girl went on a family vacation without coming home with one of these. Apparently impossible to remove, they had to be cut out when you got bored with them, leaving you with a beautiful tuft for the next year. I seem to remember being able to fake it with a clip-in one, too!

9. A Zig-Zag Parting

Preferably complemented by pigtails, bunches, or symmetrical twisted buns. And lots of hair springs/spirals, obviously.

10. Hair Knots

Inspired by Gwen Stefani and Bjork, I never had the patience (or the pain threshold) for this one. I'm kind of glad.

11. Pretty Much Anything The Spice Girls Did

Including, but not limited to: high contrast symmetrical blonde streaks, high bunches, a short bob, and sunglasses worn as a hair accessory.

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