'Fear The Walking Dead' Featurette Tells Us A Few Important Things About The Upcoming Spinoff & Yes, It Sounds Amazing — VIDEO

It's been one month since The Walking Dead fans got a teaser trailer and a title for the new spinoff Fear The Walking Dead, and the Internet has been teeming with questions about the upcoming series since. Now, however, we finally have some answers! AMC revealed a new Fear The Walking Dead promo that takes us behind the scenes, and fills us in about the world that the show promises to introduce us to. The minute-long teaser features interviews with creators Dave Erickson and Robert Kirkman, and luckily, they happen to divulge way more information about the show than they have in the past.

For anyone not in the know, The Walking Dead has been getting stronger and more popular with each passing season. Based on the graphic novels of the same name, it's won a handful of awards (particularly for its achievements in making actors look like the living dead), and audiences love the emotional turmoil between the survivors. It's zombie drama done right!

If you're not a The Walking Dead fan, never fear — you can still enjoy Fear the Walking Dead with the rest of us, because the spinoff promises to be a completely new twist on the story. And, with that, lets get to what we know: Here's a little of what you can expect from the series!

It's Set In LA


We finally get to see the West Coast in the Walking Dead universe! Expect considerably less wandering around the woods and a lot more venti decaf lattés.

It's Set In The Past


Fear The Walking Dead takes us to the beginning of the outbreak. While we probably won't see patient zero, we do hope some light is shed on how the madness of The Walking Dead began.

There Will Only Be Two Seasons


It's always good news when a television show has a beginning, middle, and end already in mind. With its ending already in sight, there won't be any room for the show to jump the shark.

It Has the Same Writers as The Walking Dead


This is definitely a positive. Robert Kirkman has done an excellent job as showrunner for The Walking Dead. As creator of the original comics, he has a specific vision for the show and carries it out with aplomb. He takes the WD universe very seriously, and hopefully his understanding and respect for the source material will make for a successful spinoff.

Expect An Action-Driven Show


Unlike The Walking Dead, the show won't be about survivors in the aftermath of the apocalypse — it's set during the apocalypse. This means that we'll probably see the complete breakdown of LA's infrastructure as the virus spreads (and it seems likely that there will be a good amount of explosions in the process because there are always explosions).

The Cast Has A Lot Of Fresh Faces


Don't expect to see Rick Grimes! Not only are the characters completely new, but none of the actors are big budget stars. Considering the popularity of the franchise, it seems like AMC totally could have gotten an A-lister, but chose up-and-comers instead. It's a refreshing move!

You Don't Need Know Anything About The Walking Dead to Watch Fear the Walking Dead


Executive producers Robert Kirkman and Dave Erickson make it very clear that FTWD is a standalone show. Fans of the original series will surely see a lot of crossover, but FTWD is a new and separate story.

Watch the promo for yourself!

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