'Fear The Walking Dead' Preview Shows A Different Era In The Series' Universe & It's So Exciting — VIDEO

In the span of just a few days, The Walking Dead spinoff got a title and a preview. That's right, while we previously didn't know much about the series, save for a few casting announcements, earlier this week the series was given an official title, Fear The Walking Dead. Then during Sunday night's The Walking Dead Season 5 finale, fans were treated to the first official preview of Fear The Walking Dead , set to premiere this summer.

Though it's only 16 seconds long, the preview reveals a lot about the new series and gives off a totally different vibe than the original Walking Dead. After following Rick Grimes and his group for five seasons, the series has only gotten darker, with the survivors of the zombie apocalypse just trying to make it day by day. Their most recent hope at finding some sort of cure to the zombie virus was shattered when Eugene admitted to being a fraud, and now it seems their only goal is to live as long as possible in this crazy world.

Fear The Walking Dead, however, is set before the events of The Walking Dead , and the promo makes it sound like the zombie outbreak has just started. As it opens on a visual of Los Angeles, we hear someone on the radio report on multiple cases of a "virus" that has been spreading, and urging listeners to "take care" of themselves. Then, it cuts to a lone zombie walking through a tunnel. Watch the preview for yourself below.

amc on YouTube

It may not be much, but this is an exciting start. While Fear The Walking Dead is more likely to actually take place during the time of that single walker than the radio broadcast, its proximity to the beginning of the zombie outbreak will show us a totally new side of this world — as will the LA setting. As much as I love The Walking Dead, it'd be refreshing to follow survivors with a bit more hope, a group that hasn't been through as much as the original series' characters.

Of course, I doubt we'll get any real answers about the virus, but I'm grateful to see the Walking Dead universe expanded in both time and place while I wait for the original series to return.

Image: AMC