5 Hacks For Showering With Makeup On

by Summer Arlexis

It's possible that one day, whether it be due to a bout of forgetfulness or a morning coffee spill or the misfortune of being next to a big puddle as a truck drives by, you'll find yourself having to shower with makeup on. Applying your full face can take some serious skill and time. Whether you’re a contouring queen or you’re a stickler for a four-minute beauty routine, putting on makeup in the morning requires effort, and you certainly wouldn’t want your efforts wasted after you’ve gone through the works if you have to clean up next. Talk about starting your day off on the wrong foot.

Though you'll generally be bathing with the intention of putting on makeup after you've dried, your face doesn’t have to be at the mercy of your showerhead. If something's happened that forced you to hop in the shower again after getting ready for the day, you'll likely be in no mood to go through the process of applying foundation, blush, concealer, and mascara for a second time With the right products and a couple of strategic moves, these beauty hacks will ensure you protect your finished makeup while showering.

1. Use Waterproof Products

No one is fan of runny mascara and smudged eyeliner. Consider switching to waterproof beauty products if you haven't already (though you must be living under a rock or someplace where humidity is somehow a foreign concept if you haven’t). A shower will be no match for a water resistant face.

2. Seal Your Makeup into Place

By adding one more step into your beauty routine, you can not only make your makeup last in the shower, but can also prep it to brave the elements outside. Primers and setting sprays are made to keep your makeup intact throughout the day. If you have a feeling you’ll be taking a shower post-makeup application, try using a primer or spray beforehand.

3. Don’t Face the Showerhead

Think of that showerhead as your sworn enemy and turn your back on it. Literally! Showering backwards will help keep some of those inevitable splashes from reaching your face. And if you can’t avoid washing your hair, leaning back will be your safest bet to keep your makeup mess free.

4. Opt for a Colder Shower

A steamy shower does unclog pores and moisturizes the skin. But the heat can also loosen your foundation. Try showering with colder water to avoid making your makeup run even more. It may not make for the most pleasant experience, but think about how flawless you’ll look afterwards.

5. Use A Clear Shower Cap

It may look and sound silly, but if all fails, protect your face with a plastic shower cap. The elastic band of the cap is tight enough to secure it around your face as a mask. BUT be sure to cut holes for breathing around your mouth and nose. Sure, they say beauty is pain. But we wouldn’t want this beauty hack to turn deadly.

A shower doesn’t have to ruin your perfectly beat face. If you can manage to avoid ruining fresh polish after doing your own manicure (which I still have yet to master!), you can definitely maintain your makeup while showering.

Images: Alliance/Fotolia; Giphy (5)