The 9 Best Sweat and Waterproof Makeup Finds To Help You Avoid Beauty Meltdowns This Summer

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Summer, while it may be the ally of those of us who would like to dress a la Rihanna and be 90% naked during the day, is usually the mortal enemy of most of us who enjoy doing actually taking the time to do our hair and makeup. There's nothing worse than doing your makeup only to walk out the door and have it all slowly slide down your face. It's uncomfortable, messy and just generally really, really annoying. Plus, it's bad news for posting selfies on Instagram, and I just can't have that. However, there are ways to avoid all of this. In honor of the sweaty, humid mess which can be summer, here is some of the best sweat proof makeup that you need now — especially if you're headed to a gazillion summer weddings this season.

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