Ryan Reynolds' Instagram Needs Blake's Help

Did you hear the great news? Social media just got a whole lot better thanks to Ryan Reynolds joining Instagram. That's right, the Deadpool actor is now officially a part of the popular social media platform that lets fans follows their favorite stars. And in this case, we'll all get to bask in the gloriousness that is the perfect couple of Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds. So, now that Reynolds is on Instagram, I have a feeling he is going to need some guidance in learning the ins and outs of the platform. You know who can help him? His wife, because she's a pro.

So far, based on his first pic posted, it looks like Reynolds is doing Instagram the right way. Not only did the actor share an image from his upcoming movie Deadpool (self promotion is what it's all about) but he also captioned it with a typical witty Reynolds remark: "Stuck the landing. With my mouth." Plus, his bio reads: "I can't feel your legs," whatever that means.

Moving on. I know Reynolds just joined Instagram, but I need more photos. Maybe something personal, like a throwback pic of himself and Lively? What about a photo of baby James? OK. I know Reynolds won't be sharing photos of his baby anytime soon, because he and Lively are super private, which is totally understandable. However, I hope he posts photos on a daily basis. If he needs help, then I'm sure Lively can assist.

Here are six things Lively can teach Reynolds about Instagram, so he doesn't end up failing at it miserably.

Provide Fans Useful Tips

For example, the actress gives smile tips, which means the whole world can now channel their inner Lively.

Be Funny With Family

Ryan, we want to see you with your family, stat.

Promote Your Spouse

The love between Blake and Ryan is something fans go to the Internet for.

Throwback Photos Are A Major Win

Baby Ryan? Yes, please.

Internet Memes Are The Best

When celebrities participate in their own Internet memes, it's the best.

Take Part In Current Events

Ryan, is white and gold or black and blue?

If he follows these six tips, there's no doubt Reynolds will be as popular as his wife on Instagram.