Nudevotion Makes "Nude" For All Skin Tones

by May Sofi

The term nude is quite controversial because it often connotes one generic (white) skin color, but fashion brands finally seem to be catching onto the fact that "nude" isn't the same for everyone. Enter Nudevotion, a website that offers a wide variety of "nude" apparel that seeks to solve the one-size-fits-all skin color conundrum. This site isn't the first to tackle this issue — Christian Louboutin recently expanded his nude pumps to include a range of neutral shades. Clearly, there is a gap in the market here that needs to be addressed.

Founder Steve Moscetti points out that "Not long ago, ‘nude’ meant 'matches white skin,'" he adds, "Because not everyone's ‘nude’ is the same, people with skin of any other color were implicitly unable to participate in the trend." Refinery 29 reports. Another notable point, is the fact that many brands are still using confusing lingo to describe flesh-colored pieces, including "tan, cream, cognac, almond, pink, rose, coral" says Moscetti. What the heck is coral-colored skin?

Thanks to Nudevotion, shopping for nudes is now simplified for everyone. Striving to be an aggregator of all things neutral, the site provides an easy way to look for nude items of all kinds, from lingerie to purses and everything in between.