Taylor Swift & Gigi Hadid, BFF?

After Taylor Swift released her music video for "Blank Space," I was pretty sure no other Swift video would live up to it. Now, I have a feeling I'm about to be proved wrong. All week long, Swift has been sharing movie posters for her latest vid, "Bad Blood," based on the song that is supposedly about her feud with Katy Perry, and if the guest cast she's slowly revealing is any indication, this video is going to be amazing. "Bad Blood" doesn't premiere until the Billboard Music Awards on May 17, but Swift has already revealed 10 celebrity guests, and most of them are among her closest friends. What about Gigi Hadid, who's joined the "Bad Blood" cast as Slay-Z? Yep, Hadid and Swift are friends in real life, too.

It seems like they've been pals from awhile now, if their Instagram posts are any indication. How'd they meet? I'd have to guess it's through Kendall Jenner, who Swift is also friends with, or, since Hadid is a model, one of Swift's many model friends may have introduced them. Either way, they've been hanging out more and more in recent months, and I'm always totally jealous, especially when they got together with Jenner to decorate Hadid's apartment for Christmas, which is kind of Swift's specialty.

In an interview with People earlier this year, Hadid gushed about her friendship with Swift, as you do when the best person in the universe deigns to be your bestie.

My favorite thing about Taylor is that she’s just always herself and she’s really true to that. It’s really inspiring to hang out with someone that’s genuine and is just unapologetically Taylor. It’s cool.

I mean, obviously. This isn't news, Hadid.

Most recently, Swift and Hadid got together after Hadid's breakup with Cody Simpson to heal her broken heart with a little girl talk and nature. They went hiking over the weekend and they both looked more beautiful while working out than I did for the prom. NBD. Hadid's also friends with one of Swift's very closest friends, Karlie Kloss, as proven in the below flawless Instagram post from early 2015:

For the rest of my life, I'll be trying to find a way to enter Swift's girl gang. If all else fails? The "Bad Blood" music video should be enough.