Gigi Hadid Admits Taylor Swift Gives The Best Relationship Advice, Unsurprisingly


Even though she's currently taking a break from dating, it doesn't mean that Taylor Swift isn't still a pro when it comes to relationships. Not only do her song lyrics show she's wise about love, but her advice to others proves it. Swift recently gave a break-up playlist to a fan who reached out to her on Tumblr. Plus, she's also the go-to relationship guru among her BFFs. Case in point? In a recent interview with, Gigi Hadid dished about her famous friends, including Tay Swift. When asked about Swift, Hadid confirmed what we're all thinking, saying,

Hadid admitted she went to Swift for advice during her brief break with current boyfriend Cody Simpson. (Luckily, the two got back together and all is well!) In addition to Swift, she has quite the squad. Hadid regularly hangs with Kendall Jenner and claims to bring out her goofy side.

As for the rest of their famous pals? Hadid explains the dynamic:

None of that is surprising in the least bit. She also told Elle that the group hangs out "as much as we can when we are in the same place."

It's so refreshingly awesome to see a group of teens/twenty-somethings who support each other, instead of being catty. It's really what friendship and girl power are all about. Can we all follow their example, please?

I'll just leave this quote here: