The 14 Best and Worst Celeb Instagram Moments in 2013

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We all love a good Instagram photo. How else does someone like Justin Bieber get three thousand little hearts each time he posts a selfie that's completely identical to the last? How else would we know that Miley Cyrus ruined a perfectly good Bulls jersey (above)? How else would we learn that Zooey Deschanel has two really, really cute dogs? We wouldn't. And that's why celebs on Instagram have us hooked: We get seemingly unfettered access to our favorite stars' lives. For some people, that entails enjoying Bieber's selfie tour, for me that means looking through Mindy Kaling's filtered photos and coming to the conclusion that if we ever hung out we'd probably be best friends.

But making your photos public means that your fun little social media toy might sometimes become a news story. Some celebs know this and use it their advantage (see: Justin Timberlake, Miley Cyrus, and Beyoncé) and others seem to keep employing the post-first-then-think rule (sorry, Biebs). Either way, it provides a lot of entertainment for the rest of the Internet.

So from fuzzy pups, to real-life mermaids, the desecration of Michael Jordan's Bulls jersey, and since-deleted reunion photo, let us trot down memory lane with these unforgettable moments on a little ol' site called Instagram.

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