Create A Christian Louboutin Manicure In 6 Steps That Are Wayyyy More Affordable Than Those Heels

As any true Christian Louboutin stiletto devotee knows, the devil is in the details. Almost a decade after the designer painted his heels with crimson varnish, the storied polish has inspired an eponymous nail varnish collection by the designer, and most significantly, a manicure that mimics the shoe itself. Much like the stilettos themselves, the Christian Louboutin manicure achieves its allure through the use of a sultry crimson hue where the color is least expected — underneath the nail.

Although the designer is adored for his architectural prowess when fashioning the sharp slant of sultry heels, masterful use of studs, and innate knowledge of women want in their footwear, Louboutin's crowning glory is his ability to make the most out of minute details. Case in point, the signature Louboutin crimson sole was born in 2003 when the footwear guru found his design for the Pensée heel lacking a certain spark. As it happened, all that stood between the Louboutin heel and years of idolization was a coat of crimson nail polish on the sole.

If a simple cerise manicure or French tips are too staid for your spring 2015 exploits, take the Louboutin manicure for a test drive instead. With its streamlined design and simple formula, the Louboutin manicure makes a major impact with little effort required. Scroll through to learn exactly how to give yourself the ultimate sultry manicure.

1. Shape Your Canvas

Using a nail file, whittle your nails into an oval shape with a slight point. As the manicure achieves maximum impact on longer nails, you may wish to use artificial nails.

2. Paint A Base

Use thin, even strokes to create a thin layer of nail primer or clear polish on each nail. A uniform base will increase the longevity of your manicure and create the ideal foundation for a smooth manicure. Allow your nails to dry before continuing.

3. Paint The Red

If you have chosen to use artificial nails, paint the underside of each nail with thin coat of blue-based red nail polish. Allow the artificial nails to dry. After the artificial nails are no longer tacky to the touch, paint the underside of each nail with a layer of clear top coat polish. Leave the artificial nails to dry. Once your artificial nails are dry, follow the given directions for securing each faux nail to your natural nails.

If you are using your natural nails for the manicure, prepare to paint the underside of your nails by dipping a slim brush into your blue-based red nail polish. Rid the brush of all excess polish, and use light, careful strokes to paint the underside of your nail. Precision is key in creating a Louboutin Manicure that won't be mistaken for a finger injury of some sort, so use your best effort to keep the crimson polish beneath your nail. If your hands are naturally shaky, try placing a small piece of tape on the pad of each finger to catch crimson polish that is outside the lines. Allow the polish to dry. If you've colored outside the lines with your crimson polish, use a small, nail polish remover-saturated implement like a slim Q-tip to slowly and carefully buff away misplaced polish.

4. Add The Black

Using an opaque black polish with a high-gloss finish, carefully paint each nail with a thin, even layer of nail varnish. After the first layer of polish has dried, proceed by painting on a second layer of black polish. Allow your nails to dry.

5. Top It Off

Using a transparent top coat formula that is chip-resistant and possesses a high-gloss finish, paint a thin layer of nail polish on each nail to seal the manicure. Allow the top coat adequate time to dry.

6. Admire your handiwork.

If you — and your bank account — is so inclined, run out to the nearest Christian Louboutin boutique and snap up that matching pair of pumps you've been eyeing to pair with your alluring new nails.

Image: TheMuseDotTV/YouTube