9 Times DJ From 'Full House' Was More Mature Than You'll Ever Be

Whether you were simply a casual Full House viewer or a diehard fan who can recite every episode by heart, there's no doubt that you remember Full House's D.J. Tanner, big sister to Stephanie and Michelle. At first glance, she might've appeared to be nothing more than a normal teenager with spritzed bangs (it was the '90s, OK?) — but, if you look a little closer, D.J. was clearly one of the coolest amongst the lively Tanner clan. In fact, I’d place her at a close second to Uncle Jesse — and we all know how cool he was. He wore leather jackets.

But, D.J.'s coolness goes far beyond the fact that she has a pretty sweet nickname (though, let’s face it – it fits her far better than her full name, Donna Jo) and the fact that she shared an amazing house in San Francisco with her dad, two sisters, and her equally awesome uncles. No, it’s a little deeper than that: There were actually plenty of moments when D.J. showed maturity that was far beyond her age, and that's cooler than cool. For instance, remember the time she got a job to pay for her own pet horse? Or, what about the time she totally didn’t take advantage of an opportunity to participate in some underage drinking?

Although she definitely had her typical teen moments, here are nine times D.J. was surprisingly mature:

When She Skipped A Slumber Party To Nurse Her Sick Family Back To Health

kakakakalalalala on YouTube

It takes a seriously mature kid to pass up a night out with her friends to tend to her chicken pox-riddled family.

The Time She Tricked Uncle Jesse Into Moving Back In

pa1vv on YouTube

Sure, Stephanie and Michelle played their parts... but D.J. really orchestrated this plan.

When She Kicked Kimmy's Awful Friends Out Of The House

Abigail Watson on YouTube

Like any kid, D.J. had moments of succumbing to peer pressure — but fortunately, this wasn't one of them.

When She Performed On The Telethon

xanoe on YouTube

D.J. literally killed this performance. No sign of stage fright, no backstage tantrums or fear of being completely embarrassed by her friends — just talent. Such maturity.

When She Held It Together During Her Nightmarish First Driving Lesson

runfromcheney09 on YouTube

Yeah, D.J. had a little bit of attitude (like any teen!), but she was clearly the mature one here.

The Time She Offered To Give Up Her Beach Boys Concert Tickets

halfinkababy on YouTube

In the end, the Beach Boys invited the entire Tanner family to attend the concert, because, when you have an uncle like Uncle Jesse, these things happen sometimes.

When She Babysat To Earn Money For Her Own Phone Line

sendithere on YouTube

D.J. was willing to put up with an extremely bratty client to pay for her phone line instead of expecting her dad to foot the bill.

The Time She Volunteered At A Nursing Home

jssiptl2318 on YouTube

Here's where D.J.'s poise and maturity went a long way.

When She Tried To Get Stephanie And Kimmy Gibbler To Be Friends

Abigail Watson on YouTube

Hat's off for D.J. for this dangerous venture. Everyone knows how much Stephanie and Kimmy loathed one another.

Image: ABC