Will There Be A 'Pitch Perfect 3'?

We've only just gotten our hands on the Pitch Perfect sequel Pitch Perfect 2, and fans are already hungry for more of the Barden Bellas. Ever since news broke that the sequel was happening, we all wanted to know if there was going to be a Pitch Perfect 3 . There's no official news on that yet, but the likelihood seems quite high. Rebel Wilson started rumors back in April by saying that she'd already signed on to the yet-to-be-announced sequel. However, those rumors will probably become a reality, depending on how well Pitch Perfect 2 does in the box office. The first film was a runaway success, and the second is aiming to be one of the biggest movies of the summer. Oh, and the cast is open and eager to keep going with the franchise.

The star of the films, Anna Kendrick, commented to Time, "I’m not one to count my chickens, so I just want to see how this one does and find out if there’s an appetite for that before I even think about it." But her co-star Rebel Wilson seemed much more excited by the prospect of a third film by pitching her own idea about the plot to The Hollywood Reporter , "All the Bellas are together becoming a legit singing group out of college. I also think a Fat Amy origins story would be awesome." The film's writer Kay Cannon added even more fuel to the Pitch Perfect 3 fire by chiming in on how it would be cast, "I do want to write the third one. I don't want to give over my baby to someone else. I would love to see Tracy Morgan in it. Not only because I think he's hilarious, but I miss him and want to see him perform again."

But continuing the Bella legacy is not the most awesome thing about making Pitch Perfect 3; it would be continuing the legacy of making big Hollywood movies by and for female audiences. Pitch Perfect 2's director Elizabeth Banks said to The Independent , "I'm hopeful that making this movie — that was written by a woman, directed by a woman and stars a lot of women — I'm hoping that we inspire more women to go behind the camera and take leadership positions." So not only would a Pitch Perfect trilogy be great for fans, but it would also be a huge step for women in the film industry.

I don't know about you, but my ticket is already purchased.

Image: hollandmarierps/Tumblr