J. Lo Makes Casper Her #MCM

Well, what do we have here! As much as I want to believe that social media statuses shouldn't mean much IRL, we all know that they undoubtedly do, so watch those hashtags, everyone! In some interesting news, Jennifer Lopez posted a photo of Casper Smart on Instagram on Monday that's all fun and friendly until see the caption: "#MCM @beaucaspersmart #lovethispic #handsomebear." We know that throwing in a #wcw or #mcm is nothing to take lightly, so everyone is buzzing that J. Lo has finally admitted to being back together with her ex-boyfriend.

Personally, I totally believe that J. Lo and Smart have been dating again for quite some time after originally breaking up in June 2014. Of course, it is fully the couple's decision to speak about their relationship, but Lopez seems to have finally thrown all concerns to the wind and properly declared her love for Smart. And I applaud her for following her heart.

This development comes on the heels of reignited engagement talk, when onlookers spotted a massive diamond on "that" finger when Lopez attended the Met Gala in early May. Although they've denied being involved over the last few months, I think their actions have proven that J. Lo and Smart have been back on for a while and just can't get enough of each other.

Back in March, rumors started swirling about their reunion when the couple was pictured kissing on the American Idol set. I don't know how anyone could deny it at that point, but the two of them chose to stay mum on the subject. After news of that kiss spread, more attention was brought back to their relationship. At an American Idol event, Lopez shrugged off reports of a romance with a smile insisting she was still single.

Just a few days before that event, Smart was seen on the red carpet of her newest film, Home, but again dismissed any rumors. In fact, Smart was the film's official choreographer, so kudos to them for having that convenient story to fall back on. He told E! News, "We got a lot of ties. We're very close. We're friends. We're very good friends." Very good friends, I see. No shame in that game.

But regardless of all of this single talk, they kept hanging out and popping up on each others' social media pages clearly not worrying about what their current status might seem like. As far back as February, the two reunited and had a night out at a few parties, and stayed together the entire night, mingling with Nick Jonas and others.

It definitely looks like J. Lo and Casper Smart are back together in the public eye and that they are both slowly becoming more comfortable in showing that. Whether that means a wedding is in the near future, who knows! I just hope that this second time around will prove any haters wrong and the couple will just do their thing. As Lopez has confessed before, she is a hopeless romantic. As she once told E! News, "I've had my challenges but at the same time I believe in love. That's the main thing." I'm rooting for you crazy kids!

Images: Getty Images