15 Page-Turners That Will Keep You Up All Night, Because Sleep Is Overrated, Anyway

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It happens to hundreds, maybe thousands, of people everyday. You're on the subway or the commuter rail, and your book is just starting to get good: the police are about to break down the murder's door; the protagonist is near-death at the hand of her most-trusted ally; the star-crossed lovers are about to reunite. And then BAM! It's your stop, and you need to close your book or power down your eReader and get on with your day. But you keep sitting (or standing, let's be real here) on the train anyway, and take it five stops past yours just to find how if good wins over evil, if it was really the boyfriend all along, or if it was all a dream. Damn you, page-turners, you've done it again!

Mystery, suspense, relentless pacing, high stakes, secrets within secrets — all of these things contribute to a book's place among the ranks of page-turners. In essence, a true page-turner, whether it be an epic romance, a psychological thriller, or a murder-mystery, grabs you by both arms and doesn't let go until you're winded, exhausted, and begging for a conclusion. Whether it's showing up a half hour late to work, staying in on a Friday night, awkae until 3 a.m., these books continue to have control over readers and their ever-shrinking attention spans.

Think you're ready to crack open a new one? Here are 15 glorious page-turners to pick from.

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