This Uber Driver's Engagement Story Is Über-Cute — And It Seriously Raises The Adorable Proposal Bar

Think you've had enough of viral proposal videos? Well think again, because a man named Hudson Hoyle's uber engagement proposal is pretty freakin' cute. The only catch? If you're planning on proposing anytime soon, you'll be obligated to step up your game after viewing it.

Like most recent college grads, Hoyle and his then-girlfriend Katelyn Kainer didn't have a lot of money just lying around to spend on, say, an engagement ring — especially since one half of the couple couldn't know how the money was being spent. Although Hoyle works as a business consultant, he decided to take on a part-time job with Uber to earn the money for an engagement ring without his girlfriend knowing, Cosmopolitan reports. Somehow, he managed to keep his side job a secret for months, despite driving thousands of miles and shuttling hundreds of passengers around Houston, TX. "He would say, 'Oh yeah, I just hung out with friends,'" Kainer told local news station ABC 7. If life were a romantic comedy, Kainer would have immediately suspected him of cheating and committed a series of wacky hijinks to win him back, culminating in trying to break up with him right before he proposed. Fortunately, they have a stable relationship, which bodes well for their future marriage, and Kainer says she trusted him.Hoyle recorded his journey, asking the hundreds of strangers he drove around to be part of the video. Most happily agreed, and he edited the footage into a three-minute video set to Walk the Moon's "Shut Up And Dance," as if the story wasn't heart-melting enough on its own. Finally, he played the video for her after proposing on a trip to the countryside, with predictably adorable results. Check out the video below, and prepare to flail around in your chair from the cuteness.

Hudson Hoyle on YouTube

Image: Hudson Hoyle/YouTube