Ben Mendelsohn On 'Star Wars' Rumors & Who He'd Want To Play In The Iconic Universe

When a movie as massively iconic as Star Wars gets rebooted, there is instant chatter in the hallways of Hollywood about who might be cast in the beloved roles. With Star Wars: Rogue One , actor Ben Mendelsohn is one such name that is repeatedly mentioned. The actor recently told UPROXX that there is "nothing that is substantial about those rumors," adding: "However, were that to be the case, yeah, I’d be pretty happy."

We get it. Mendelsohn, who stars in Slow West opposite Michael Fassbender, may or may not be cast in the next Star Wars flick, and if he is indeed already cast, he's certainly staying tight-lipped about the whole thing. So when I have the chance to sit down with him, I decide to instead ask him about who he'd like to play in the Star Wars universe — in a very hypothetical way.

Mendelsohn addresses the question with a hearty laugh, saying, "If I was hypothetically in a Star Wars movie, I would hypothetically... do you know who I'd really want to be? I was gonna say Luke Skywalker's dad, but then I realized we actually know who Luke Skywalker's Dad is," he says.

Chelsea Lauren/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

He thinks on the question a moment longer more before answering: "If I was gonna hypothetically be in a Star Wars movie, I'd like to hypothetically have something to do with Yoda. If I was hypothetically in a Star Wars movie, that would hypothetically be pretty cool."

Non-hypothetically, we'd really love to see this happen. Let's get Mendelsohn in a Star Wars flick, OK Hollywood? OK.

See Mendelsohn's latest project, Slow West, in theaters May 15 and on DIRECTV now.

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