What Song Is In The ‘San Andreas’ Trailer? You’ve Never Heard “California Dreamin’” Like This Before — LISTEN

If you're an action movie junkie, you're probably pretty psyched about the impending release of San Andreas starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. This disaster flick about a monstrous earthquake that hits California has it all: impressive special effects, Oscar-nominated actor Paul Giamatti for some reason, and the destruction of treasured historical landmarks (smell ya later, Golden Gate Bridge!). As we draw closer to the film's premiere, many people are wondering: What's the song in the San Andreas trailer? That's a great question! Fortunately, I have the answer: it's singer-songwriter Sia's cover of "California Dreamin'." But this isn't just any "California Dreamin'" cover, no — this one's unique.

Sia's rendition of The Mamas & the Papas' signature hit starts off with just a piano and what sounds like a children's choir (it's a little eerie). As the "Chandelier" hit-maker sings the opening verse, strings begin to swell in the background, gradually building in intensity until the track reaches a small climax. Then, after a brief moment of silence, a hard-hitting beat drops in, completely transforming the 1965 classic into a modern (and almost danceable) pop tune. Wow. I definitely didn't see that coming! Surprisingly, it works. Leave it to Sia to take an almost 50-year-old record and turn it into something you could hear on the radio today. Sigh. She's the best.

Check out Sia's new "California Dreamin'" cover below.

San Andreas doesn't open until May 29, but Sia's version of "California Dreamin'" is available on iTunes now.

Image: Warner Bros. Pictures/YouTube