Sia's "California Dreamin'" Cover Sounds Great

Well, this is a nice surprise: Sia covered "California Dreamin'" for upcoming disaster flick San Andreas (starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson) and it sounds great. Believe it or not, the 1965 Mamas & the Papas classic — which was famously covered by The Beach Boys in 1986 — isn't really my thing. (I think I've heard it butchered too many times on talent shows like American Idol.) However, by transforming the song into a dark and dramatic piano ballad, Sia seems to have given it new life. We only get to hear about a minute of the "Elastic Heart" singer's take on the track in the San Andreas trailer, but the clip — which begins quietly and gradually builds to a crescendo — has definitely piqued my interest.

San Andreas appears to be about an enormous earthquake that threatens to destroy California... and possibly the world?! The acting in the trailer is, for the most part, abysmal (how are you gonna f@#$ up BOTH of your trailer lines, Archie Panjabi? HOW?), but the special effects look good, I guess. Plus, Paul Giamatti's in it! People love him, right? True Detective alum Alexandra Daddario also has a major role.

Check out Sia's new "California Dreamin'" cover below. (The snippet starts at around the 1:24 mark for all those who can't be bothered to watch the whole thing.)

San Andreas hits theaters nationwide on May 29. Hopefully, we'll get to hear Sia's rendition of "California Dreamin'" in its entirety very soon.