New Miley Song Will Make You Feel Things (Really!)

Doesn't it kind of feel like Miley Cyrus is debuting a new track or collaboration every week? Feels that way to me. Anyway, here's a new one: On Tuesday, Miley Cyrus and Future released their duet "Real and True," which features the two of them, as well as some vocals from Mr Hudson.

Overall, the song is a pretty mellow, dream track, but it's depressing as hell, too. It's telling that the song is set to appear on Future's upcoming album titled "Honest," — that's exactly what it is, an honest, heartbreaking love story. With lyrics like Miley's "When the sun dies and the stars fade from view/ Our love will remain real and true/ Through the distance and cold depths of space/ The radio sings our song/ It’s a love real and true," it'll actually make you feel feelings, something I never thought a Miley Cyrus-featuring song would do.

It also pairs perfectly with the fact that the video is reportedly set in space. The song itself has such an entrancing, hazy vibe — especially with Mr Hudson — that it even sounds like it's in space. You kind of feel like you're floating around, weightless amongst the stars as you listen to Mr Hudson's damn near angelic vocals come on.

Apparently, the song is based off of Future's relationship with now-fiancée Ciara: According to Us Weekly, Future has previously said that the song "is just telling people that sometimes when you get into relationships you have certain mistakes that you've made and your partner might have certain situations that they might've been in, [but it's] just putting all of your differences aside for a better cause." So sweet.

You can check out the song below. The music video is set to premiere on Nov. 10.