Are Abby & Gabe Over On 'Finding Carter'? If Abby Gets Released, This 'Ship Is Probably Back On

Gabe, where the heck did you even come from with this one? Gabe has been one of Finding Carter's supporting characters since the beginning of Season 1 and since then, he's kind of skated by. I mean, nothing really that crazy or awful has happened to him yet — aside from Elizabeth hooking up with Kyle which, I guess, is pretty bad. Well, until Tuesday night. During this week's episode, Abby got arrested for hooking up with Gabe on Finding Carter . But, hey, at least now we know she's not some sketchy part of Crash's past, just someone that Gabe "really likes."

I can't say I saw this one coming — and I'm usually pretty good at predicting TV hook-ups. Gabe definitely seemed like he had a crush on Abby during the carnival but, with everything else going on on Finding Carter, I didn't think Gabe would get a romance challenge right now. And I definitely didn't think it'd be a forbidden romance with his college advisor/guidance counselor. But, alas, Abby and Gabe didn't even last long enough for us to come up with a 'ship name for them (Gabby? Abbe?). Don't get too sad, though, because they'll probably be back together very soon.

Late into Tuesday's episode, Abby was arrested for "sleeping with a student" by Kyle's dad and a handful of other officers, which presented the question of who turned her in. Gabe jumped to conclusions and thought that Bird had just ratted them out, but, SURPRISE, Abby has a fiancé and he's really not happy about the texts from Gabe he saw on Abby's phone. (The struggle is so real for these two.) That's really not enough to keep her behind bars, however. So, what happens when Abby is ultimately released, as Kyle hinted at the end of Tuesday's episode?

Well, Gabe is still really into this guidance counselor and, after apologizing and bonding with Bird, it seems like she gave him the positive enforcement he needed to keep this fling going on once Abby is out of police custody. It's totally risky, but Gabe is definitely under a false sense of security about Abby not telling the cops the truth about their relationship. If she didn't tell Kyle, he might still have a chance — so, we should probably get ready for more of these two locking lips in janitors closets on Finding Carter. Well, unless Abby is one adult that actually cares about the damage she's doing to the kids around her, then there's hope for us all.

Image: screengrab/MTV