Channel Daisy Buchanan And Become A '20s Darling

One would be pushed to find a vintage screen siren as stylish as The Great Gatsby's Daisy Buchanan. When the newest movie adaptation was released just over two years ago, the world went mad for 1920s vintage glamour, and to this day Daisy Buchanan is a style icon. Daisy is an absolute dream and her style is just perfect for the spring/summer season.

Mrs. Buchanan is often seen in heavenly off-white shades, luxe lace, and embellishments to die for, and she is always polished down to the last detail. Daisy simply loves wearing elegant accessories, from dainty fingerless gloves and the most sophisticated headbands anyone has ever seen to excessive furs and feathered flourishes.

Daisy is one of those rare gems who is utterly loved, worshipped, and idolized by those around her. Yes, she has her flaws, but her friends and family seem to look straight past them as though they didn't even exist. She is ethereal, fun, and one of those people who walks into a room and lights it up. In The Great Gatsby, Daisy is a woman that all other women want to be and men want to be with; she is seemingly not of this world, like an intoxicatingly irresistible angel. Her cousin Nick describes her as "the golden girl," and that "a breathless warmth flowed from her, a promise that there was no one else in the world she so wanted to see."

So without further ado, here's how to channel Daisy Buchanan's luxurious, fairy queen vibes, which are incredibly on point for spring.

1. The Handkerchief Skirt

Around The Great Gatsby era, designers Madeleine Vionnet and Jean Patou made the handkerchief skirt fashionable. In particular, Patou helped move fashion away from the short-skirted flapper look to longer hemlines, such as this long handkerchief skirt.

Alex Evenings Embellished Tea-Length Dress and Jacket, $219, Macys

This cream handkerchief dress is very similar to Daisy's. With its demure tea-length skirt and a sprinkling of embellishment, this is a true Daisy dress.

2. The Pastel Fur Collar

Daisy was a debutante so obviously enjoyed the finer things in life, like luxurious fashion accessories. She is pictured here in an excessively glam, lilac fur collar.

Faux Fur Snood With Twist Front, $15, Asos

Channel Daisy's luxe, high-end vibes with this pastel blue faux fur snood for what I imagine to be a tiny fraction of the price. Hurry, get it while it's on sale!

3. The Embellished Nude Dress

Daisy wears this stunning bejeweled dress to one of Gatsby's lavish parties. When dancing with him during the evening, she discovers that the party was solely for her. When Gatsby asks Daisy if she likes the party, she tells him it's "perfect."

Cascading Cava Dress in Taupe, $175, Modcloth

This ModCloth dress oozes decadent glamour. Embellished in sparkling sequins and sporting an elegant, scalloped hem, this dress could have been made for Daisy.

4. The Art Deco Headband

Throughout the movie, Daisy is seen in fabulous headwear flaunting materials such as ribbon and diamonds.

Great Gatsby Headband, $37, Etsy

I was astounded to discover that someone had made an almost exact replica of Daisy's headband. Complete with tan blush ribbon, Austrian crystals, and faux pearls, it is a divine match.

5. The Purple Lace Dress

When reunited with Gatsby in their first meeting in years, Daisy wears this beautiful purple lace dress, becoming the epitome of ladylike chic.

Jolie Moi Crochet Lace A-Line Dress, $102, Jolie Moi

Copy Daisy's sophisticated style in this darling purple lace dress. It boasts similar, detailed cap sleeves yet has a flapper shape and length, which suggestively hints at the era of the movie.

6. The Dainty Lace Gloves

Daisy exudes femininity, and what could be more fetching than these sweet, fingerless lace gloves? The color of the lace perfectly matches her dress. In fact, she probably had them made to coordinate with it.

Arm Warmer and UV Protection Stretchy Long Sleeve Driving Fingerless, $17, Amazon

Wear these girly, floral fingerless gloves to channel Daisy in everyday modern life.

Unfortunately, we don't have time machines (yet) to travel back to the roaring '20s, so copy Daisy Buchanan's timeless, alluring style to channel the elegance of yesteryear. Flutter your eyelashes, flash your heartthrob a delectable smile, and charm your way through life just like Daisy.

Images: Village Roadshow Pictures/Bazmark Productions/A&E Television/Red Wagon Entertainment; Giphy; Courtesy Brands