Anna Kendrick Plays Russian Roulette... Sort Of

If there is one word that you can use to describe Anna Kendrick, it is fearless. I mean, this is the girl who made an infamous joke about Ryan Gosling movies that I am still laughing at to this day. So, what was she doing on Tuesday in advance of the premiere of her upcoming movie Pitch Perfect 2 ? If you said wearing a sparkling evening gown as she cracked raw eggs over her head, then you are a really good guesser. That's right: Kendrick played egg Russian Roulette with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show, and she showed absolutely no fear while doing it. And why would she? In the first place, she's a Barden Bella and Barden Bellas always dominate — eventually. In the second place, in her own words, "[eggs] are a natural conditioner. I'm not even mad."

The rules of the game were simple. Fallon and Kendrick were presented with a carton of eggs, eight of which were hard-boiled and four of which were raw. They each had to pick out one egg at a time, and then crack that egg over their head. The first one to crack two raw eggs over their head would lose the game. Actually, maybe I should say that the rules of the game were deceptively simple, because it seems like the odds were stacked against poor Fallon from the start.

Seriously, Kendrick's luck with those eggs was unreal — but, then again, are we really surprised? Consider who she plays in Pitch Perfect. As Becca, Kendrick goes from being a closed-off loner who hates movies and wants to drop out of school to produce music to being the Only Sane Man in a group of kooky a capella singers that she would defend with her life (or, OK, with her freedom for a few hours before her love interest comes to pick her up from "prison"). Becca's happy ending in the film may not have come easy, but she did have a lot of luck in finding friends (in taxis and in showers) that probably carried over into her actress, Kendrick.

How does that translate into Egg Russian Roulette? Well, Kendrick might have an absolutely abysmal poker face, but she sure knows how to pick an egg to shatter over her head. I wouldn't have been surprised if her winning streak had been a perfect one, but, as it turns out, I think the way the game actually went for both Kendrick and Fallon was perfectly fitting. And perfectly hilarious. Perhaps instead of making a hit song out of "Cups," her next unexpected smash should be "Eggs" or "Aca-Owned."

Check out the video below.

Image: YouTube (2)