6 Hilarious 'Pitch Perfect 2' Cameos

The first film featured an onslaught of killer mashup tracks, Anna Kendrick in one of her first mainstream singing roles, and the comedic genius that is Rebel Wilson. But when Universal decided to reboot the now iconic Pitch Perfect for Pitch Perfect 2 , they had to step their game up. Fans had already been spoiled with a nearly perfect first film. With a sequel, the stakes need to be higher, the songs need to be flashier, and the cast needs to be bigger. And the second acapella themed flick nails it, by, enlisting the help of a bevy of famous faces to help boost its star power.

Similar to the first film, Pitch Perfect 2 follows The Barden Bellas, just recently humiliated in front of a very special political family. Because of their accidental indecency, they are taken out of the acapella competition circuit. The only chance they have at winning back their title is to compete and win an international acapella competition. No American team has ever won the title before, and their overseas opponents are fierce. All the familiar faces of the first film are back, with newcomer Hailee Steinfeld taking on a role as the newest, doe-eyed Bella. But she's not the only newbie to grace the screen. Here are six hilarious cameos in Pitch Perfect 2.

The Obamas

We know the Bellas are terminated from the aca-circuit for misbehaving. What really goes down is this: When slaying a rendition of Miley Cyrus' "Wrecking Ball," Fat Amy hangs from a cloth rope from the ceiling. Attempting an upside down splits, she rips her pants open, exposing her hoo-hah to the world. It would all be fine and dandy if the President and First Lady weren't sitting front and center. To say the Australian singer gave them a "surprise from down under" would be entirely accurate.

Keegan-Michael Key

One half of the gut-bustingly funny Key & Peele, Keegan-Michael Key takes on the role of Beca's internship boss at a local recording studio. She has big dreams of being a producer, and her boss' no nonsense attitude offers her a chance to make (or break) her budding career.

Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg just wants to spread peace and love and holiday cheer! At least, that's the goal of Pitch Perfect 2's Snoop Dogg, who is recording a cheerful Christmas album in the studio Beca is interning in.

Greenbay Packers

If you had any doubts about the transcending power of Pitch Perfect, look no further than the yolked boys of the Greenbay Packers. Led by Clay Matthews III, the football players sing in near-perfect harmony to a few chart-topping hits, battling the likes of The Bellas, an intense German team, the Treblemakers and more.

David Cross

Adorned in a silk bathrobe, a giant bling-ed out chain, and without his signature glasses, David Cross plays the wealthy enthusiast who claims to be acapella's biggest fan.

Reggie Watts

Comedy Bang! Bang!'s Reggie Watts isn't credited in the film, but you can identify that oversized afro anywhere. As a member of a rivalry team, Watts makes impressive noises from his mouth, most memorably a string of cat-like noises with hand gestures to match. Love ya, Kitty Watts!

Images: Universal; Tumblr; Giphy