19 WTF Moments In The "Pretty Girls" Music Video

Okay, so I just finished watching the newly-released video for Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea's song "Pretty Girls", and I have a few questions. Or, well... I think I just finished watching it. It could've also been an alien-themed fever dream, because I have no idea what I was just looking at. Some really weird stuff. Obviously this video has been pretty hotly-anticipated for a while, with many hope that it's a prelude to a new album from Britney. This new song seems a lot closer to Britney's roots, so I think I speak for everyone when I say that we were all pretty excited to see if she knocked it out of the park this time.

And... maybe she did? I honestly can't tell. I still don't know if I care for the song, but Spears looks good, and she sounds good, and she does some of the best, most active dancing that I've seen from her in years. But the video itself is THE STRANGEST. I have no idea what's going on. Iggy is like an alien who comes down and Britney like gives her a makeover into a 1990s version of herself? I can't tell, so maybe you'll have better luck puzzling it out. Here are the 21 most WTF moments in the whole vid — please help!

1. Britney Is Wearing Sunglasses At Night

Yo it's nighttime, what's up with the sunglasses? You okay?

2. She Didn't Notice An Explosion

This was how big the explosion that dropped Iggy into Britney's pool was, and our girl didn't even notice.

3. Iggy's Hair Didn't Act Like Hair

I don't know much about beehives, but I do know that that's not what they look like after being submerged in Britney Spears' pool.

4. The Glowing Eyes

Oh sure, devil eyes.

5. This Weird Commercial

Very normal ad to have on the television while Iggy stares at it with her electric eyes.

6. When They Used A Hair Dryer In The Car

Would love to know what that's plugged into.

7. When They Failed Their Driver's Test

Or who is actually driving this car right now, since clearly the answer isn't Britney Spears.

8. When They Took A Road Trip To This Place

Oh sure, that commercial was compelling enough that we should DEFINITELY GO THERE. WTF?

9. When The Water Turned Pink

Ugh Iggy, your stupid alien magic turned my water into Kool-Aid again. Can you quit it?

10. When We Were Happy About The Pink Water


11. When They Robbed A Bank

Why do we insist on leaving Iggy unattended? She's wreaking havoc on this town's electronics.

12. When It Started Raining Money

You know that thing where you're such a pretty girl that ATMs shoot their money into the sky and it rains down on top of you?

13. When Britney's Hair Was Amazing

Real talk: why doesn't Brit have a bob in real life?

14. When They Stopped The Music For This

This entire spoken word section was almost too much for my brain. What. Is. Happening.

15. Iggy's Accent

And Iggy's Valley Girl accent was beyond comprehension.

16. When They Got Super Excited

This is how excited Britney Spears gets to go over to her friend's house.

17. When Britney's Hair Changed

Did Iggy also straighten and lengthen Britney's hair, with her alien magic?

18. When Britney Put On This Outfit

Hey girl, it's Alexis. The hell are you wearing?

19. When The Aliens Landed

Never seen anyone so excited to be abducted.

Check out the full video below.

Images: YouTube (20)