Best Britney & Iggy "Pretty Girls" Video Moments

by Jennifer Still

It's here! It's finally here! I've been waiting for Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea's "Pretty Girls" music video to drop ever since I heard the new single, and the wait has felt like an entire lifetime. However, it is finally over! The "Pretty Girls" video is here and it's basically everything I could ever hope for and then some. There's sass, humor and so much other good stuff that, to be honest, I'm sorta speechless right now and still can't form full sentences about how good it is. Looking for your song of the summer for 2015? LOOK NO FURTHER.

It's hard to describe why this video makes so much perfect sense. Whether or not you're a fan of either artist, "Pretty Girls" somehow manages to bring out the best parts of Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea and combine them in one addictive pop song. Sure, the lyrics aren't life-changing or anything, but is that even the point? When you're looking for the ultimate song of the summer, you need to have something you can dance to, something you can blast in your car while you ride around taking in the summer sun, and something you'll remember when you think back to 2015 when you're old and gray and telling your grandkids about the days of your youth. "Pretty Girls" ticks all the boxes.

But let's stop talking about it and get to the good stuff, shall we? Here are the nine best parts of the "Pretty Girls" video.

Britney chilling by the pool with a pink blow-up dolphin

I mean, BritBrit's not going to get very far filing her nails like that, but that's totally not the point. She's chillin', listening to some amazing music and relaxing by the pool with her sunglasses on...despite the fact that it seems to be dark outside. Do you, girl!

Iggy coming out of the water like some weird sci-fi mermaid

I'm assuming Iggy is the alien who crashed into Earth — and Britney's pool — in the beginning of the video. She's strange! She's got a beehive! She's wearing white lipstick! This should be fun.

Britney and her leopard-print 'tude

A leopard-print crop top? Say no more! When you add the diva hand motion, oversize '80s Malibu Barbie earrings, and the long, wavy hair, you've got a recipe for total sass, and I love it.

Iggy the Alien becomes Britnified...sorta

The eyes glowing after Britney transforms her new alien friend Iggy into the equivalent of her clone is CLASSIC. I love the commitment to the crimper here and the amazing fashion we haven't really seen in a few decades making a comeback. AH, it's so good!

Joyriding...with a hair dryer?

I mean, this is incredibly unsafe and I wouldn't recommend anyone actually try this at home, but Britney and Alien Iggy are having a grand old time, just being BFFs and somehow using a blow-dryer while driving down the freeway in their open-top Jeep. Don't pretend to understand it, just embrace it!

This classic dance breakdown

You don't often get amazing dance breakdowns like this in music videos anymore, unless you're dealing with some '90s pop mainstays like Britney. It's not a Britney video without one, so I'm glad to see she didn't break from tradition here.

It's a money party!

For some reason, Iggy's alien powers allow her to tap into an ATM machine and get ALL THE MONEY for free! Then they can dance around as dollar bills rain from the sky, because why wouldn't you?

Alien Iggy embraces her human form

When you finally start to feel like you fit in on Earth (even though you're an alien from a different planet and your ship crashed so you don't know how you'll ever get home), it must be a great feeling. What better way to embrace it than by walking sassily through a club?

Iggy gets called home by the mothership

And she's taking Britney with her — and, from the looks of it, she seems pretty thrilled about it. I don't know how I'd feel about being abducted and taken to another planet, but Britney is game for anything, and that's why we love her, I suppose.

Watch the full "Pretty Girls" video below yourself and get ready to have this song stuck in your head FOREVER.

Images: YouTube (8)