Louis Virtel Has The Sassiest Reaction To Getting A Question Right On 'Jeopardy!' In Possibly The Entire History Of The Show — VIDEO

At some point in my life I had to ban myself from sassy snapping. It was a hard decision to make, but nonetheless an important one, because I suck at it. And once you see this sassy Jeopardy! contestant reacting to getting a question right, I think we might all agree to just lay down the snapping gauntlet, because I'm pretty sure none of us will reach his sass levels for at least the next thousand years.

Louis Virtel, the sass master on this particular episode of Jeopardy!, had $6,000 in the bank when he got a Daily Double. Anyone else might have cowered under the ridiculous pressure (how these humans act so chill during this competition is beyond me), but Virtel was more than ready for it. In true go big or ho home fashion, he bet the $5,000 that was going to catapult him back into range with the current winner, who had amassed over $12,000 at that point in the game.

I'm going to need you all to journey way, way back for a moment to your eighth grade English class, or wherever you were in life the first time someone forced you to read The Crucible. Here you were thinking all this time that your superfluous knowledge of witch hunt murders would never come in handy! Something tells me Virtel is thanking an English teacher right now. Here's the Daily Double question he got last week:

Never mind that that right there is probably the most impressive eye roll of relief that modern television has ever seen. It gets SO MUCH BETTER than that:

And AGAIN, because you deserve this:

If that is not appropriated for all reaction gifs on Tumblr for the next century, I'm going to be very disappointed in every generation of the internet.

If Virtel looks familiar to you, it's because he should. He runs a popular YouTube series called "Verbal Vogueing," and has been featured on Chelsea Lately. He currently works as a celebrity interviewer for HitFix.

Virtel shared with Queerty all of the intense preparations that went into his Jeopardy! debut, as early as third grade, when he would literally run home to make sure he got there in time to watch the show. (He EARNED this, guys.) He also studied up by watching old episodes and making his friends play with him growing up.

When asked about the particularly winning snap, Virtel shared, "Snapping is a major part of my life. It establishes verve and efficiency and flavor, and in the case of that Daily Double, it was a damn relief to get that question right. My gayness gets volcanic when I’m winning at stuff."

Virtel didn't end up winning the game (womp sauce), but he did just win the entire internet. Check out the literal best thing that has ever happened on Jeopardy! here:

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