11 Nature Inspired Jewelry Pieces To Release Your Inner Earth Goddess This Spring/Summer Season

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Mother Nature would be in her element with spring's hot trend: nature inspired jewelry. In this trans-seasonal time, what better way to celebrate mid-spring and welcome summer than by wearing jewelry that has taken inspiration from the fruit of Mother Nature's labors?

Nature has been a huge player on the catwalks of late, with many designers being inspired by nature for their spring/summer 2015 couture collections. However, as much as we lust after them, couture gowns may be a little out of our budget, so show your adoration of nature by wearing more affordable yet still beautiful, nature-inspired jewelry!

Albert Einstein once said, "Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better." I find this to be entirely true. My anxieties, worries, and stress dissipate when I smell the fresh, salty sea air or touch the bark of a tree deep in the forest. Wear jewelry inspired by nature to keep that peaceful feeling with you at all times.

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