What Is Going On In the 'Pretty Girls' Music Video? 7 Possible Explanations For The Alien Invasion Dance Party — VIDEO

After a ton of teasing and speculation, the music video for Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea's "Pretty Girls" has dropped. The song itself discusses issues surrounding sexual harassment and catcalling, something that woman have to deal with on a daily basis. "Pretty Girls" might not be my favorite Spears track, but I can certainly get into the message that it tries to drive home:

Tell me, is it true that these men are from Mars? Is that why they be acting bizarre? Every time I walk out of my house it's like, "Hey, baby!" They don't see me rolling my eyes They buzzing around me like flies They got one thing on their minds (Some things don't change...)

In addition to the lyrics, the beat is super catchy, making it the perfect summer anthem. With the message, lyrics and the beat, I was excited but nervous to see what Spears and Azalea would do with the video — and it was definitely fun to look at. Spears' dancing was more than enough reason for me to press play. The ladies pay homage to the 1980s with their denim, leopard print and overly teased hair. There is a lot going on in this less than five minute clip, and I'm still not clear on the exactly concept.

Nonetheless, here are seven plot explanations for the "Pretty Girls" video.

1. '80s Version of Clueless

I was immediately reminded of Clueless when I watched the video, probably because of the Jeep. Also, when alien Azalea arrives on Earth, Spears plays dress-up with her in a very Cher way. However, instead of '90s fashions, Azalea is dressed in cut-off denim shorts and a studded vest.

2. Commercial for Blonde Hair Products

There is a lot of blonde hair in this video. Though Azalea and Spears have two brunette friends, they don't appear until the video is nearly over. Since the teased, curled and crimped blonde locks are poppin' throughout the vid, I thought "Pretty Girls" would be a fantastic commercial for blonde hair products.

3. First Generation Samsung Commercial

In the video, Spears has a retro cell-phone. Her phone stops working so her new BFF, alien Azalea, offers to fix it for her. Instead of just fixing the old school device, Azalea uses her powers to transform the phone into a shiny 21st century cell.

4. Muscle Man Contest

"Pretty Girls" comments on the male gaze, and male consumption of the female body. In an effort to comment further on this issue, Spears' dancers (who are all male) are either clad in tiny muscle man shirts or are shirtless altogether.

5. Spin on Back to the Future

Since Azalea obviously comes from a more modern universe then 1980s Los Angeles, the video could serve as a spin off of Back to the Future with a female-centered cast.

6. Alien Barbie

Azalea is some sort of extraterrestrial life form who drops from the sky into Spears' pool. Since her stunning alien attire is swapped for the fashions of the day, the video could definitely substitute for a short film about Alien Barbie.

7. Bizarre Game Show

The alien version of Azalea is confused by ATM machines. When she accidentally breaks the machine. she causes a money windfall. Azalea and Spears surrounded by a typhoon of dollars reminded me of the money machines on old game shows.

Check out the video for yourself, and decide which of these concepts make the most sense with what you're viewing.

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