Shop Rachel Antonoff x & Other Stories For The Perfect Pastel Wardrobe This Spring

If you're familiar with Rachel Antonoff, clothing designer and sister of Jack Antonoff from the bands Fun. and Bleachers, you know that she creates quirky, cool, and feminist wares (boob suit, anyone?) that many women would love to own. Now, shopping her designs is that much easier with Rachel Antonoff x & Other Stories, which is part of the retailer's "co-lab" series. Previous participants including Vans and Claire Vivier.

Antonoff's line was released on May 12th, so it's available to shop as. we. speak. While the collection isn't dirt cheap, it's reasonably accessible — oh yeah, and so freakin' cute! What else would you expect from the woman who designed a uterus adorned sweater that people actually want to wear?

The & Other Stories capsule is perfect for spring. It includes an array of bright, pastel colors, girlish silhouettes (think ruffles and peter pan collars), and super fun comic book prints on a pair of shorts and a blouse. The piece de resistance, IMO, is a mint green striped blazer that pairs perfectly with matching tailored trousers. On the whole, the collaboration is cheerful without being "too much," and is perfect for the office and the weekend. A job well done!

In the market for some new spring clothes? Check out the Rachel Antonoff x & Other Stories line below.

1. Halter Maxi Dress, $175

This would probably swallow my 5'0 self whole, but on a tall woman this silhouette would be utter perfection.

2. Cotton Dress, $100

How very Margot Tenenbaum.

3. Striped Blazer, $130

The blazer is adorable, but you need to see the pants to understand how perfect this little suit is.

4. Striped Trousers, $90

See? I'll bet $20 that Miranda July already has this outfit.

5. Silk Midi Dress, $115

'90s geometric perfection.

6. Comic Print Silk Top, $90

I see you reaching for your credit card...

7. Crop Top, $50

For the woman who wants to look like she raided Taylor Swift's closet, but doesn't want to, well, spend like she has Taylor Swift's income.

Images: & Other Stories(8)