13 Thoughts You'll Have During Britney Spears & Iggy Azalea's "Pretty Girls" Music Video, Because It's A Lot To Process — VIDEO

I guess I will never understand why Britney Spears teamed up with Iggy Azalea to make "Pretty Girls," but I accepted a long time ago that there are many, many things in this life that I won't understand, like fax machines, or men's rights activists. Anyway, the music video for Spears' and Azalea's "Pretty Girls" dropped Wednesday, and it's definitely... here. Azalea co-directed it, which is pretty obvious once you watch the technicolor '80s disaster. It's meant to be an homage to Earth Girls Are Easy in all its campy, ultra-fem alien galore in the Valley, but it falls a bit short of the mark. Nonetheless, fans of Spears and Azalea will no doubt be excited to see the two women team up for some brightly colored fun.

However, whether you're a fan or not, there was a lot going on in the "Pretty Girls" music video, almost too much to process. Trying to piece together the plot while paying attention to Spears' dance moves and all the '80s outfits might have blown more than a couple of minds. I know I certainly found it hard to keep up. If you're feeling similarly confused, here are some thoughts you might have had while watching the music video.

1. "Why is Spears so pretty?"

Brit Brit looks good. I would wear that bathing suit for sure.

2. "What is going on with Azalea's hair?"

Is that a sock bun?

3. "How did they not crash that car?"

That is unsafe driving, Spears. Eyes on the road. Hands at ten and two! You know better than that. We all saw you do a ton of driving in the classic 2002 film Crossroads.

4. "Are aliens possessed?"

Seriously, why are her eyes glowing? I mean, this is a very accurate representation of how I see Azalea in my mind's eye, but I didn't direct this video.

5. "Are those jeans famous?"

Are those patched jeans repurposed from Spears' infamous denim outfit that found its soulmate in Justin Timberlake's infamous denim outfit? Is Spears a recessionista? These dance moves are so blah. Spears, you have failed the girl that taught us the "Stronger" chair dance. The bob is good, though. Very bouncy.

6. "What is happening here?"

L M F A O.

7. "Will Azalea pay my student loans?"

Azalea breaks open an ATM with her laser eyes. I could definitely use that superpower, girl. I got a lot of student loans to pay off.

8. "What is that accent?"

Azalea is an alien with a horrible accent. Why? I don't understand. Why not just be an Australian alien?

9. "Where can I buy that belt?"

It's actually a really cool belt.

10. "How is Spears still such a good dancer?"

She continues to defy things like the "natural order" and the "space time continuum" with her eternally amazing dance moves.

11. "What's with the warm drinks?"

Why don't any of these drinks have ice in them? Are they trying to conserve for the drought?

12. "What happens to Spears at the end?"

Spears is like, finally, extra-terrestrials to save me from this nightmare-scape I have found myself trapped in on Earth.

13. "Did Azalea really help direct this?"

Jeff Goldblum would be very, very sad about this.

Check out the video below, so we can compare notes.

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