12 Unique Candles To Make Your Home Smell Better Than Ever, Because Plain Vanilla Is Seriously Overrated

Each home has its own individual aroma — but you can easily make your apartment really smell like no other with the help of some super unique candles. A vanilla or fresh laundry-scented candle may be nice and classic, but with so many crazy choices out there, why limit yourself? Think bold, and your home will smell more enticing than ever.

From candles that recreate scenes from your favorite books to scents that combine unexpected aromas for a magical result, these 12 picks are sure to give your space some scent-sational personality. Flip though the gallery to see the oddest scents you can bring into your home.


Wifi Candle

Even if your wifi is never turned off, this Internet-scented candle will always remind you that Netflix, Twitter, Bustle, and more are always just a click away.

Candle, $19.95,

Strawberry Fun Dip Candle

Ever wish you could recreate the aroma of one of your favorite childhood snacks? Now you can, with this bold candle.

Candle, $18,

Winterfell Candle

Make your home extra cozy with a scent inspired by one of the capitals of the Seven Kingdoms. You know you can’t resist a geeky candle like this.

Candle, $16,

Chocolate Egg Cream Candle

Transform your home into a 1950s soda shop with a nostalgic pick.

Candle, $28,

Fireball Candle

Reminisce about your college days (or last Friday night) with a candle that not only smells like Fireball whiskey, but is made in a recycled bottle.

Candle, $21.99,

Unicorn Puke Candle

Unicorn puke sounds slightly repulsive, but also extremely magical — we’re intrigued.

Candle, $14,

Avocado and Mint Candle

Avocado and mint may be an unlikely pair, but honestly what doesn’t avocado improve? Nothing, really.

Candle, $18,

Campfire Candle

Whether or not you have a penchant for the great outdoors, a smoky campfire scent is bound to make your home feel nice and intimate.

Candle, $11,

Mint Julep Candle

This summertime happy hour scent is bound to give your space an enticing aroma.

Candle, $16,

Hinoki Forest

Your tiny apartment can easily become an enchanting forest out of a Miyazaki film with this candle.

Candle, $20,

Cancelled Vacation Candle

Because sometimes you need the smell of disappointment to bring you back into reality.

Candle, $16.99,

Wasabi Pear Candle

The spicy-sweet combo of wasabi and pears is one sophisticated scent. Give this candle to your friend with refined taste.

Candle, $14,