Thom Yorke Is On The Cover Of An Iranian Sex Manual, Which Either Makes No Sense Or All The Sense That Sense Can Make — PHOTOS

Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke is on the front cover of an Iranian sex manual. Just let it sink in. The book, Marital and Sexual Problems In Men, examines sexual problems within a marriage. Not entirely sure what role Yorke plays in saving your marital sex life, but I'm obviously hoping it's some sort of masturbation fantasy. (Insert obligatory "Creep" reference here. Apologies in advance for getting it stuck in your head all day.)

Thom Yorke isn't the only one on the cover. He's bizarrely joined by John Updike, a Pulitzer Prize-winning writer. Because nothing gets people off like Radiohead and the "Rabbit" series. There's a third man on the cover who has yet to be identified. Look out for a follow up once we discover his angle in this sex cover ménage à trois.

Iranian journalist Sobhan Hassanvand tweeted the image of the book cover just a few days ago, though the novel must have come out years earlier, as Updike passed away in 2009. But all we really know about the book is from Hassanvand's tweet, which says it's a "book about sex problems between couples published in Iran." Here's hoping Yorke plays some sort of tantric role in the book. Seriously, guys, cross your fingers.

Here's the tweet—and the image that just might save your sex life:

Apparently, this isn't the only fame Yorke's had abroad (other than, ya know, his decades-long music career): He's also casually an (unofficial, presumably unsanctioned) spokesperson in the Ukraine. No, really. He can help you "forget about your headache and insomnia." Sign me up. And hey, I'll take the sex advice too.

(This tweet says it's in Russia, but Local Stigmatic published a second tweet saying it was actually the Ukraine. What a thorough guy.)

TL;DR: Thom Yorke is saving your sex life, one Iranian martial help book at a time.

So start imagining this:

And this:

And then listen to this:

Now go get sexy.

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