What Do You Masturbate To? 9 Women Share What They Fantasize About, From Money To Homemade Porn


Because it's International Masturbation Month and all about loving yourself and getting yourself off, we asked some Bustle readers to share their best ways to get turned on. Here's an important fact: women masturbate. Even if they’re not completely comfortable with admitting to it for whatever reason ― religion, conservative upbringing, feelings of guilt ― the fact is 92 percent of women masturbate. In fact, people of all relationship statuses masturbate and with 69 percent of people are discussing it with their friends, more people than ever are talking about it. This is a great thing, of course, because masturbation is awesome. Masturbation makes people happy.

On December 9, 1994, President Bill Clinton, of all people, canned Surgeon General Jocelyn Elders, for suggesting that sex ed classes include masturbation, (among other "groundbreaking" ideas like distributing condoms in school and the importance of abortion access.) In response to the totally insane move on the part of Clinton, clearly fueled by griping from Conservatives, the following May, in honor of Elders being so badass and ― gasp ― realistic in regards to the importance of masturbation and the teaching of it, Good Vibrations, declared May 7, 1995 National Masturbation Day. Since then, it has grown from just one day, to a whole month of recognizing just how great and essential to human sexuality masturbation is.

Here’s what our readers had to say.

1. Amanda, 27

2. Colleen, 30

3. Lynne, 26

4. Madison, 28

5. Sarah, 34

6. Becky, 29

7. Kate, 32

8. Jennie, 33

9. Lyndsay, 25

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