8 Beach Coverups That Can Be Worn As Clothing So You Can Maximize Your Wardrobe Capabilities

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A summer staple and beach goer's ultimate necessity is definitely the swimsuit coverup. But it can end up being more of a nuisance than anything else, as it usually comes off within five minutes of arriving at the beach. Then you have to change into another outfit after frolicking in the water, since most coverups are designed only be worn on sandy territories in the first place — meaning that not wearing a bathing suit underneath one isn't usually an option unless you want your birthday suit in the spotlight.

I, however, believe all coverups should be made with this dilemma in mind, since having to change into an entirely new outfit after having fun at the beach or pool is never fun. Plus, extra outfits take up a lot of extra space in your bag. As do the coverups themselves if you're going on a trip or you need to carry it around after your beach time is over.

If you want to wear coverups that can double as outfits and solve every single one of your woes (at least the post-beach-outfit ones, anyway) check out these eight options.

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