29 Robert Pattinson Hairstyles That Indicate Just How Much His Hair Has Evolved Since His 'Twilight' Days

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Time sure does fly. It seems like just yesterday Robert Pattinson was stealing our hearts as the mysterious vampire, Edward Cullen, in 2008's Twilight. If you remember correctly, all the way back to that magical time when The Twilight Saga was still in theaters, the media was all about three things — Robsten, Taylor Lautner's abs and Robert Pattinson's hair and various hairstyles.

Just like the world couldn't get enough of Pattinson and Kristen Stewart's relationship, fans would rave over R. Pattz's luscious locks. And why shouldn't they? His hair was just as iconic back in the day as it is now. In honor of Pattinson and his luscious locks, let's take a trip down memory lane and reminisce on some of Pattinson's greatest hair moments — and take a look at just how his hair has evolved over time.

Image: Getty Images

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