Women Of 'I'll See You In My Dreams' Talk Inequality In Hollywood: "At Least It Gives Us Something To Fight For"

Sundance Film Festival's heartwarming offering I'll See You In My Dreams is unique for more than one reason. The film, which surrounds a widow (Blythe Danner) rediscovering love, was written by 30-year-old filmmaker Brett Haley. The film is hugely truthful and honest, a strange and impressive feat for a writer whose characters are more than twice his age. The film also features four actresses over the age of 60 — a rarity in standard Hollywood fare. "It will hopefully will change hopefully when they realize that we're [older women] the ones watching," says Rhea Perlman, who appears in the film.

"Now, [I'll See You In My Dreams] is about aging, and we are this aging population, and we're not so old," Perlman says. "We might be old in years, but we're not old in wanting to go out and buy stuff. Or do stuff. And engage with all the stuff that happens in our culture, so it's ridiculous to leave us out of the mix."

Another actress in the film, Mary Kay Place, says: "Now, with ratings being a very different thing, you don't have to be at home watching TV, there are so many options now. I think there probably have to be more roles for women with all the change."

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June Squibb, another actress in the film, who has been fairly silent up until this point chimes in: "I think film is getting better, but it's still a problem and it will be until there's an equality, which I don't know if we'll ever see it."

Perlman has the final word: "At least it gives us something to fight for."

See these three hilarious women, plus Blythe Danner and an incredible ensemble cast in I'll See You In My Dreams, in theaters May 15.

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