Blythe Danner & Sam Elliott Have Crazy Chemistry

"You should have seen it on set, all these young girls your age would saddle up next to Sam [Elliott]," says Blythe Danner of her on-screen love interest in I'll See You In My Dreams . "He'd just sit there reveling in this bevy of beauties. It was so funny."

I'll See You In My Dreams is about: "A widow and former songstress discovers that life can begin anew at any age." It stars Danner and Elliott as singles of a certain age, and for Danner, the role hit particularly close to home. Having lost her own beloved husband more than a decade ago, is in no hurry to start dating again. "My husband has been gone for 13 years, I've had a couple blind dates but I haven't had a date since. And I'm not really shopping for another relationship," she says. "When you've had the best, why mess with the rest?"

So when Danner had to kiss Elliott for the film, she was, "a little nervous. That was probably the only scene I was a little nervous about was that scene." And Elliott could sense her nerves.

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

"Blythe is so with her husband Bruce, who's been gone for years. He is ever present in her life. I can venture to guess that that's the truth. I learned that very early on. I had never met Blythe before. When we started shooting after the table read, the first scene I kissed her in the car," he says. "The first thing Blythe said when we were sitting there was, 'I've never kissed anyone with a mustache.' And I said, 'Well, you're about to.' I think both of us were total innocents on some level. Total respectful of one another. It was a joy to work with her."

See I'll See You In My Dreams, which features wonderful performances and undeniable chemistry from the two actors, in theaters May 15.

Watch the trailer below: