What If Elena Gilbert Joined 'The Flash'? The 'Vampire Diaries' Star Could Find A New Home In Central City

Goodbye, Mystic Falls! Hello, Central City! Now that Nina Dobrev has left The Vampire Diaries, I figure it's time to find her a new gig. What if Elena Gilbert showed up on another CW show, The Flash? Watching Dobrev leave her own series was devastating, but this simple move would actually be pretty perfect (we'd have to have it happen in some alternate universe considering the whole sleeping spell situation, but humor me for a second, OK?). For a character who's been through so much in seven seasons, it would be a great way to start over, make new friendships and connect with more people in need.

Plus, wouldn't it be funny if Elena let the world of The Vampire Diaries behind, just to find herself in a world with as much supernatural power and crazy drama as The Flash? She'd be trading fantasy for science fiction. It's as simple as that. At least this time, Elena wouldn't be the center of attention — at first. Drama always follows our Elena, and I'm sure she'd be thrown into the spotlight eventually. Still, with Barry Allen and Eobard Thawne carrying out their epic battle, I'd like to think that even someone as magnetic as Elena could lay low for a while.

So, what would Elena Gilbert be like on The Flash? Would she embrace her inner vigilante hero and join Team Flash? Would she turn to crime? Would Cisco give her a cool new name? Join me on this imaginary journey.

She & Iris Would Be Best Friends

While Elena and Caitlin do share scientific interests, I think Iris would be more her speed. (Though, I wouldn't mind if the three of them hung out either.) This show needs more female friendships! If anybody is in need of a girl's night, it's Iris West... closely followed by Caitlin Snow. Elena would be perfect to bridge that gap.

She'd Be A Med Student

As an aspiring doctor, Elena would like find Central City to be perfectly suited to her continuing studies. She could attend Central City University, so she'd have S.T.A.R. Labs at her disposal, a host of supernatural medical phenomena to study, and a bunch of injuries to tend to after the uptick in crime following the particle accelerator explosion.

She'd Continue Writing

Students need cash, and Elena's new bestie Iris would be sure to hook her up with a writing gig at Central City Picture News. Obv.

She Would Be A Metahuman

For sure, right? Elena has gone through several transformations on The Vampire Diaries and sometimes its hard to keep track of just what she can do. When her last episode aired, Elena was human again on The Vampire Diaries, though that would have to change if she wants to stay alive on The Flash.

Regardless, whatever she brings to The Flash is sure to be considered metahuman at least, be it vampire powers, cure powers, or that whole being an ancient doppelganger thing (I would like to see Caitlin and Cisco try to work out that age-old mystery). Maybe Elena can get new powers and shake things up. Maybe her doppelgangers can show up on The Flash as well. This is a fantasy — anything can happen. (But am I just suggesting the doppelganger thing because I miss Katherine? Obviously.)

She Would Actually Laugh At Cisco's Jokes

Hey, someone's got to, and she's new. May as well be Elena.

She Would Have Love Interests Galore

I know that The Flash is only endings its first season, but it's dangerously low on the love triangle front as far as a CW series is concerned. I'm pretty sure Gossip GIrl wove a more tangled web in its first episode, and it kept getting crazier from there. If Elena joined The Flash, she'd show them how it's done.

Personally, I think Elena would go for someone like Eddie. He's steady like Stefan but has the capacity for Damon's snark. Plus, he's going to need someone after discovering that it's never going to work between him and Iris. However, I could also see her paired with Harrison Wells, Barry, Cisco, Felicity — you name it! Elena is a rather agreeable gal, after all.

Look: I know this is all a little strange considering Elena is in a perma-coma on The Vampire Diaries, likely to refuse to wake until the series finale, can you blame me for imagining a way — any way — to keep Elena in my life? (Let's save ourselves some time and just go with "Nope. This is all totally healthy, so keep on keeping on.")

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