The First 'Supergirl' Trailer Is Pretty Amazing

Going in to this series, I can tell you a few things I know about Superman’s cousin Supergirl: First, she shares the same superhuman DNA as Superman, so they're both...well, superheros. Second, I also happen to know that her transition into the film world back in 1984 didn’t go as well as her cousin’s — the film, which starred Faye Dunaway, earned multiple Razzie Award nominations for Worst Actor and Worst Actress in 1986. But, I have to admit that after watching the first Supergirl trailer, I'm definitely willing to become more acquainted with Supergirl than I already am. At just under seven minutes, the teaser introduces a completely down-to-earth, badass female superhero character who members of the non-superhuman population (read: every viewer, probably) can still totally vibe with.

Aside from the fact that Melissa Benoist’s Supergirl portrayal represents another huge step forward when it comes to the number of strong female characters on television, — not to mention the fact that Supergirl's costume is completely non-sexualized, something unheard of in the superhero realm — there’s an awful lot to like about this show. So much, in fact, that I’ve officially deemed it worthy of must-watch status.

In the trailer, we get a glimpse of the full cast (including True Blood's Mehcad Brooks) we learn a little about the main character Kara Zor-El (aka Supergirl, of course) as she struggles to find her place in the professional world while working as an assistant to a dictator-like media maven.

In case you still need convincing, here are eight reason to watch Supergirl when it debuts in the fall:

Calista Flockhart as Cat Grant, Kara Zor-El's Boss

This clip of Flockhart breezing through the office like Miranda Priestly's long-lost daughter definitely makes me want to see more from her character.

Mehcad Brooks as James "Jimmy" Olsen

SIGH. Who can blame Supergirl for blushing?

Supergirl Isn't Always That Super

Much like Superman's Clark Kent, Supergirl's Kara Zor-El appears to be a bit disheveled and unsure of herself — which is OK because it makes her relatable (even though she can lift buses and fly, which I certainly cannot do).

She Doesn't Need A Stinkin' Phone Booth

It wouldn't make sense to have modern-day Supergirl dash into an antiquated phone booth to change into her life-saving superhero duds, but I love how she literally springs into action without rushing in and out of a makeshift changing room.

She Appreciates When People Give Her Credit

This Supergirl appreciates when the public acknowledges her heroic prowess. It feels nice to be appreciated, you know? I wouldn't be surprised if she also posted her superhuman feats on Instagram.

She Really Wants People To Know She's Supergirl

Who can blame her for not keeping it a secret? Again, it's another clear illustration of the character's human side.

She Still Has To Work To Prove Herself

It looks like we can expect Supergirl to address some serious issues, including sexism. For example, this guy dismisses her help because she's a woman, and callously advises her to "go back to getting someone's coffee." Dude, I realize she's an assistant, but would you say that to Superman? I think not.

And She Executes Stunts Like This

After all, what would the show be without Supergirl's death-defying rescues?

Check out the full Supergirl trailer below:

Images: CBS/YouTube (9)